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Sunday Jul 20, 2014
  Israel was ready to accept a cease fire after a week of destroying enough of Hamas' assets from the air. At the time, the death toll was less than 50.   Israel is still ready to accept a cease fire, while suffering its own casualties from the ground assault, numbered as I write at five soldiers killed and about 30 injured, two civilian deaths and a number injured. The Palestinian death toll is climbing toward 400, and the physical...
Saturday Jul 19, 2014
  A ground operation has begun, spurred by the penetration into Israel of 13 Hamas fighters from a tunnel dug under the border, which followed several days of media discussion about the danger to Israel of numerous tunnels that have defied years of efforts to locate them before they are used.   The timing of Israel's ground attack may also have been helped by the downing of the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. For Israel, this offered...
Thursday Jul 17, 2014
  It's all economic. Not so much about money as profit and loss, benefit and cost. Prominent in the calculations: How many soldiers likely to be killed are worth a ground operation that can achieve what amount of value added? Which goals are feasible? Which are likely to be attained? And which are marginal in terms of the capacity to achieve them at reasonable cost? How much can be achieved without the risks of a ground operation,...
Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
  We went to bed with the rain of missiles from Gaza and the operation of the IDF in full tilt. We woke to a media blitz focused on a cease fire-then-negotiations proposed by Egypt.   Hamas initially rejected the idea, but observers should view any of its statements with considerable salt.    Israel's right wing, including its representatives in the government joined that rejection.    But both sides were declaiming...
Saturday Jul 12, 2014
  The short answer to the question heading this note is "No."   There are too many Muslims in the world, having weight in international forums, with the US and EU inclined to go along with them.   The ascendance of radicalism among Muslims makes any of their governments reluctant to challenge a hard line against Israel.   All that is true, but within those constraints, there is wiggle room for Israel and its friends...

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