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Saturday Jul 12, 2014
  The short answer to the question heading this note is "No."   There are too many Muslims in the world, having weight in international forums, with the US and EU inclined to go along with them.   The ascendance of radicalism among Muslims makes any of their governments reluctant to challenge a hard line against Israel.   All that is true, but within those constraints, there is wiggle room for Israel and its friends...
Thursday Jul 10, 2014
  We've been here countless times, and the general picture is all too familiar.  Our Jerusalem residence close to Arab villages is an element of safety. We're pretty near the limit of what the Gazans can shoot, and they are most likely aiming for areas more certainly Jewish. However, their aim is far from exact, as noted by an Arab friend  when I said that the location of his family was the best the defense of my family. He...
Tuesday Jul 08, 2014
  Things have escalated in the south to the point where the IDF is now pursuing an "operation." The Hebrew, צוק איתן, touches more buttons than the official English translation, "Protective edge." Alternative translations that might touch different buttons, are "Strong rock" "Impregnable rock," or "Impregnable fortress."    In IDF parlance, a named operation is less than a war...
Sunday Jul 06, 2014
  There are far more questions than answers.   There may be a new country being formed. It won't be a welcome addition, as judged by the various governments sending units of their armed forces to attempt an abortion.   Those associated with the movement, variously called the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) or more simply the Islamic State (IS), are talking about a caliphate that will begin with large parts of Iraq...
Thursday Jul 03, 2014
  Soon after finding the bodies of three young men, right wing politicians and activists called for the death penalty, large scale aggression against Hamas and other Palestinians, in order to solve the problem of terror once and for all.   The killing of three young men touched a lot of Israelis, and politicians have warmed to what they may perceive as the demands of constituents.   The President, Prime Minister, and Ministers of...

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