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Saturday Apr 12, 2014
  Politics is the civilized way of dealing with disputes. Campaigns, voting, and the routine displacement of the losers by the winners is the way of enlightened government.   Making policy and managing programs are more complicated than election campaigns. They require professional expertise in the myriad of fields that government touches.   Politicians skilled in appealing to the masses may not know as much as they claim about...
Wednesday Apr 09, 2014
  When writing about Sheldon Adelson, Thomas Friedman gets some things right, and others very wrong.   He's right to see Sheldon Adelson as an overly friendly threat against Israel. Friedman calls him "Iran's Best Friend" in a recent NTY op-ed piece.   If anyone currently active threatens the image of the Jew by the way he spends money, it is that poor boy from Boston who made billions from the scurrilous business...
Tuesday Apr 08, 2014
  Whenever there is a hiccup in the peace process, or signs of real crises between Israelis and Palestinians, the Israeli and international left trot out the one-state solution. Their message is that Israel will be stuck with one state between the Jordan and the Sea that will include both Israelis and Palestinians with full citizenship, if Israelis do not figure out a way to reach the two-state solution.   Demographics will do what...
Saturday Apr 05, 2014
  John Kerry's peace process is dying. Or it was born dead, despite having parents who praised its prospects.   The fault is not Israel's, nor Palestine's, but John Kerry's. Or maybe Barack Obama's, due to his appointing a visionary for a job that is supposed to be serious.   Kerry's various ideas join the collection amassed since the 1930s, resembling the jumble of the Jewish graveyard of Prague, with stones leaning one on the...
Thursday Apr 03, 2014
    Remember the wedding scene in Goodbye Columbus. It shows the ugliest side of Jewish nouveau riche, and got for Philip Roth the severe criticism of Jewish leaders for his exaggerations, or for revealing one of the embarrassing aspects of Jewish culture.   Think of Ehud Olmert and a few other politicians, as well as Sara Netanyahu. Ehud's weaknesses included a collection of high priced fountain pens, said to be...

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