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Friday Aug 01, 2014
  Political analysis is best with moderation. Objectivity is not in the cards, insofar as information is partial and bound to be partisan. It helps to recognize differences in perspective. Extreme partisanship might win applause in some circles, but invites ridicule in others. Also important is to recognize sources of power, to be modest in criticizing those who can hurt oneself or the things that are important. It is dangerous to heap...
Wednesday Jul 30, 2014
  Lots of questions   Why Hamas attacked in the first place?   Why it continues to attack, especially from within the time frame of the cease fire that it requested?   Why has the US sided with the most radical of the Muslim governments?   Why has the Israeli government dithered about escalating beyond goals not likely to achieve lasting quiet?   There are no clear answers to any of these questions. The fog of war...
Monday Jul 28, 2014
  For some time on Saturday and Sunday it was not clear if there was a cease fire.   A cease fire for humanitarian purposes (i.e., getting the bodies out of destroyed buildings) held, but then when Israel agreed to an extension Hamas did not. Several rockets and mortars were fired until early Sunday, and one Israeli soldier was killed. During the 8 AM news on Sunday morning there was a barrage of missiles, coming too fast for the radio...
Saturday Jul 26, 2014
  More of the same? Or some kind of cease fire that holds?   We may be winding down. Hamas and its allies are firing fewer missiles. They may be pacing themselves toward the end of their supply. While there have been a few suicide bombers directed against Israeli soldiers, there are also Increasing numbers of Hamas fighters surrendering. This picture suggests that not all of Gaza's young men aspire to be martyrs.   ​   The...
Wednesday Jul 23, 2014
 Once again we're seeing that it's easier to begin a war than to end one.   A brief conversation with a neighbor whose career was in the Defense Ministry reached agreement that "Shit" pretty well summarizes things.   I'm far from inner circles, but my sifting of commentary indicates that people making decisions (political and military) have changed their initial aims in response to Hamas actions and the problems apparent...

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