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Wednesday Aug 20, 2014
 We are seeing, once again, the problems in dealing with amorphous organizations that are not states, but have the means to make others miserable.   The classic conception of a state is a body that possesses a monopoly of force, and controls what happens in its name and within its borders.   Many of what we call states do not measure up to that standard. However, terrorist organizations fall even further.   Other traits of...
Monday Aug 18, 2014
    We're at a junction, as complex as any where two or three major highways come together, with too many signs to be anything other than confusing,   On Tuesday we were still in a limping forward cease-fire, with confusing signals from Palestinians and Israelis about their willingness to accept the imperfect, along with threats about what could happen.   Mahmoud Abbas has been maneuvering for a role in Gaza. He is the most...
Friday Aug 15, 2014
    Two recent articles emerge from IDF's operating in Gaza, and concern the tensions between Israel and other western democracies, most notably the United States.   An item in the Wall Street Journal comes with the provocative headline, "Gaza Crisis: Israel Outflanks the White House on Strategy."   Could it possibly mean that the editors were expressing admiration for Israeli maneuverability?  ...
Thursday Aug 14, 2014
    The New York Times Israel correspondent, Jodi Rudoren, is dreaming along with Hamas of a seaport in Gaza.   One can imagine that Thomas Friedman, Roger Cohen, and a few others from that otherwise distinguished newspaper are nodding in agreement. The editors gave the article considerable space with a large picture.   Not too many Israelis, nor anyone notable in the Egyptian regime are on the same page....
Tuesday Aug 12, 2014
    As I look around me this mid-August morning in 2014 I see a number of crap shoots, or games of chance.   We can argue what historical events they reflect. Among the candidates are the establishment of Israel in 1948, the Arab Spring that began toward the end of 2010 with a promise of democracy but now unraveled to barbarism, or the spread of independence throughout the Third World after World War II and then the conquest of...

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