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Tuesday Apr 22, 2014
  What links behavior in the underworld and international relations is what are called in international relations "spheres of influence."    The equivalent in the world of gangs and higher levels of business and warfare in the underworld are territories, or markets.   Boardwalk Empire is a TV series centered in Atlantic City during Prohibition, with mob rivalries and alliances ranging up to New York, down to...
Sunday Apr 20, 2014
    Let's call it what it is. The US has used its muscle to get Israelis and Palestinians to discussions that neither of them wanted. Both sides speak and deal with one another all the time. It's part of living side by side, with pockets of one inside the other, and no clear boundaries. Arabs with Israeli citizenship ponder their identities and loyalties. Some Israeli Jews with more than one passport question the validity of Arab/...
Friday Apr 18, 2014
  Israeli politics is straining under the pressure of the US, and those led by the US to keep conversations with the Palestinians going, and the counter pressure from coalition members who are tired of the charade, and resist paying the price of prisoner releases.   The potential for this conflict has been around since the onset of John Kerry's obsession with achieving what most in the know have considered unattainable.   The...
Wednesday Apr 16, 2014
  This one praises Iran's move away from theocracy and toward secularism, while describing Israel is moving in the opposite direction.   It seems a bit premature to applaud any sign of reasonable activity from the mullah's of Iran, I am even less certain that the authors (one Iranian and one Israel. both writing from Palo Alto, California) are seeing clearly when they describe a parallel between Israel and what has happened in...
Sunday Apr 13, 2014
  Two  issues are at the roiling stage, and threatening the capacity of Barack Obama to run the world by means of his political wisdom and the aides he sends forth to do his work.   Ukraine and Israel-Palestine are much different in the nature and what they threaten.   Israel and Palestine are on the front pages more clearly as the result of Obama's bumbling.   For Israel, Palestine is more a nuisance than a threat....

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