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Wednesday Jul 30, 2014
  A couple of days ago Bibi conducted a press conference, together with the Defense Minister, Bugi Ya'alon, and the Chief of Staff, Benny Ganz. I watched it live on the net. When it was over I mentioned to my wife that nothing of any real substance was said, or added to what we all know. Why did they spend their precious time repeating themselves.   My answer to my own question was: Bibi wasn't speaking to us; he was speaking to the...
Wednesday Jul 23, 2014
 A couple of days ago I drove with my son-in-law towards Jerusalem to pick up my daughter – his wife, and their new daughter – our granddaughter. During the trip in, and on our way back, my thoughts wandered – back and forth. A new grandchild. Baruch HaShem. Thank G-d. People ask 'how many?' So now I can say, from Alef to Taf. Those who understand, understand. It was exactly forty years ago that I came to Israel. The...
Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
  Early this afternoon an article appeared in the Jewish Daily Forward. Authored, in two parts, by the paper's editor, Missy Jane Eisner, today's item features yours truly and Hebron.   A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from NY, informing me that Missy Eisner would be arriving and asked if I could give her a tour. I agreed. That's my job. I know that The Forward is not overtly pro Judea and Samaria. I've had more than one...
Friday Jul 11, 2014
  There are different kinds of bombs. Presently we are experiencing bombs falling on Israel, launched by a terrorist government whose goal is the demise of the State of Israel and the annihilation of all its Jewish citizens. Simultaneously Israel is returning the favor, not in an effort to kill all Gazan Arabs, rather to exterminate the animals who are causing 'Red Alert' to be sounded, not only in Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod, but also in...
Monday Jul 07, 2014
  Yesterday was a very difficult day. I spent the afternoon with Noam Arnon, visiting the families of the three young men murdered by Arab terrorists from Hebron. From the Yifrach family in Elad, to the Sha'ar family in Talmon, and finally to Nof Ayalon, to the Frankel family.   These are amazing people. A week or so ago I wrote about the mothers. But it's not just them. The fathers too. These are people made of a special and unique...

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