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Sunday Apr 13, 2014
  Tomorrow night we will mark a holiday Jews have been celebrating for some 3,500 years. That is, the miraculous exodus from Egypt, that is, the birth of the Jewish people, as a nation.  I guess that means we've been around for a long time.   On the eve of Pesach - that is, Passover, we conduct a Seder, which literally means 'order.' During this festive rite we retell the story of our beginnings, from the days of the Patriarchs...
Sunday Mar 23, 2014
Another fascinating response appeared as a result of my comment to the blog posted in the Huffington Post: Fawzi El Gerbi David, you are making an argument which is based on false premises, let me expand on this; your statement "Hebron is not a major Palestinian city." rather it is a Jewish city. Your argument assumes that being Jewish is an ethnicity; we all...
Friday Mar 21, 2014
Lately there's been something of a rucus revolving around several palestinian flags, flying on a building across from Beit Hadassh here in Hebron. A youtube video of a young Kiryat Arba man trying to remove them two Shabbats ago has gone viral. A number of articles and blogs have appeared, the latest authored by the director of B'tzelem, Jessica Montell in the Huffington Post [huffto.NzlhNo] "It's the sort of story that could probably only...
Sunday Mar 16, 2014
“I yearned and longed for the city of the Forefathers, I will come thru her gates with song and gratitude, Her elders and privileged, her blessed young and busy achievers” “To Life to life, called out the townspeople, who greeted the guests. The beadle  led them to the synagogue of the Chief Rabbi, assigned rooms, distributed food and also packages for Purim. The next morning they spread out through the city, drank with...
Friday Mar 14, 2014
  If searching for one word in the Scroll of Esther which embodies the entire story, it might very well be ‘v’naafochhu’, which means, according to Google, ‘to the contrary,’ or perhaps, ‘it all reversed.’ Turned upside down. ‘An unexpected ending.’ During the days of Haman and Achashverosh, towards the end of the first exile, following the destruction of the First Temple and the exile...

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