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Monday Mar 17, 2014
    With his salt and pepper hair and soft-spoken manner, Suneel Bandhu could easily be mistaken for a college professor. However, the ex-COO of Indian wireless carrier Tata TeleServices, presenting at Axis Tel Aviv this week, has a decidely commercial objective- finding Israeli startups for investment. As a member of Mumbai Angels, Suneel is looking to repeat the success of their very first investment,...
Monday Mar 10, 2014
Readers of this column, exposed to heavy coverage of consumer tech conferences like CES, Mobile World Congress and SXSW, might mistake IT as consumer driven. The reality is quite different. Enterprise IT accounts for nearly 90% of annual technology spend. As the Bull Market on Wall Street marks its fifth anniversary and the US economy is projected to grow at its fastest pace since 2005, Enterprise IT budgets are soaring. In 2014, expect to...
Sunday Mar 09, 2014
    SXSW celebrates its 21st anniversary this week with a cornucopia of music, film and digital networking. From its humble roots as an indie music retreat, it is now ground zero for digital validation. SXSW is where Foursquare and Twitter conquered the digerati and Mark Zuckerberg addressed his first prominent conference. Now the event is at a cross-roads. Bloated from its own success and drowning in a pool of corporate swag...
Monday Jan 20, 2014
2014 will be a BIG year for Digital Marketing. 80% of B2B marketers in AdAge’s annual survey plan to boost their digital marketing budgets this year, the highest proportion ever. A new wave of Israeli marketing technology startups, including Insightera (acquired by Marketo, Mintigo, Kenshoo, Tracx, Oktopost, BrightInfo, Sales Predict and others are helping CMOs get more bang for their digital buck. In 2014, the bucks...
Friday Jan 17, 2014
Last year, the VC industry partied like its 1999.  New data from research firm Pitchbook makes it official: valuations are at an all-time high.    Some of the frenzy is driven by Wall Street. The bull market will celebrate its 5th anniversary in March (NASDAQ grew 38.3% last year, more than any other major index), and the IPO market is booming. 222 firms held initial public offerings last year, raising $55 Billion, the most since...

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