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Monday Feb 03, 2014
Dear Mr. Secretary: We are writing to you at this moment with great respect for the exemplary and devoted efforts you are putting in to try to move peace forward between the Israelis and the Palestinians.   We have all witnessed the suffering and loss on all sides as the conflict continues year after year, decade after decade. We welcome your perseverance and optimism in trying to accomplish something that has eluded others time and again...
Wednesday Jan 15, 2014
  How appealing, even seductive, it is to justify prejudiced expressions by simply asserting the defense of "we're just expressing our opinion." Very few of us would feel comfortable arguing that people shouldn't be able to say what they think about almost anything.   So, why all the fuss and bother about a few hundred members of the American Studies Association being able to express their opinion in the passage of resolution...
Monday Jan 13, 2014
JERUSALEM -- I was privileged to know, appreciate, and befriend Ariel Sharon for both before and during the years he served as Israel’s 11th prime minister.  He became, through the years, a dear friend.  In today’s parlance, we were on each other’s “like list.”  We frequently spoke on the phone.  Whenever I visited Israel, or he visited the United States, we would make time to see each other....
Friday Dec 13, 2013
In the struggle against anti-Semitism and prejudice, there are days, and sometimes even weeks that go by when all is quiet, and when the actions of bigots seem to be in check. And it seems during those quiet periods that the haters -- while never entirely disappearing from the scene -- are once again marginalized or pushed to the far fringes of society enough to render them less potent, or at least, less visible. It is during those lulls that...
Friday Nov 08, 2013
One of the most significant stories to appear in some time is the one in which it was reported that Saudi Arabia was said to have purchased a weapon from Pakistan ready for delivery if and when Iran goes nuclear. Underlying this story are two themes; one about how urgent it is to prevent Iran from going nuclear and the second is what it says concerning how the Arabs view the state of Israel.   Because Iran directly threatens Israel, and...

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