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Friday Apr 11, 2014
  Voices from the past, disconnected from today’s realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have come together at a time of crisis in the negotiations to tell Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel’s key negotiating positions are unreasonable, untenable and unsupportable and to press the Obama administration to adopt their skewed views to ramp up US pressure on Israel. This is the message of an extraordinarily tin-eared...
Monday Mar 17, 2014
  For the past several years, Facebook and several other prominent social-media companies have been wrestling with how to respond when their popular platforms are being abused by bigots to spread racist speech and hateful propaganda, including Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. Much of the debate has centered on a discussion over the difficult concept of what exactly constitutes hate speech.   As defined by Facebook's own ...
Friday Mar 14, 2014
    When the Serbs and Croats were involved in conflict in the early 1990’s, prior to the Balkan war spreading to Bosnia, the Jewish community in America was getting calls from Serbian Jews urging our communal defense organizations to support the Serbs because of Croatian treatment of its Jews during the Holocaust.   We responded that it is indeed true that Croatian behavior during the Holocaust was among the worst in Europe...
Thursday Mar 06, 2014
  News of the Israel Defense Forces interception of an Iranian cargo ship loaded with rockets and other unspecified arms destined for the Gaza Strip comes as no surprise.  It is a stark reminder to the international community that there is more to dealing with Iran than getting to an acceptable and verifiable agreement on the nuclear weapons issue. Iran has been a state sponsor of international terrorist groups, including...
Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
  Earlier this week the Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee held a hearing on online hate speech.  ADL and other organizations were invited to present their views on the best ways to effectively combat the growing presence of anti-Semitic and other hate filled content on the Internet.  The hearing was timely, and the issue warrants even greater public attention.    The Internet is a magnificent,...

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