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Sunday Dec 15, 2013
    Five decades ago, I understood “babies” to be that class of objects to which belonged the loud, red-faced little thing my mother brought home from the hospital when she also brought home a large, stuffed semiaquatic marine mammal. The Disney film Sammy, The Way-Out Seal was popular at the time, and as a two year old, I was easily distracted by a plush toy. Our family history records no immediate sibling jealousy....
Wednesday Dec 04, 2013
    Today, as is in every day, I feel grateful. I give thanks that I constitute a point within the picture of Creation. I am glad that I live in Israel. I am appreciative that when I shove over my ego, it's possible for me to make room enough for The Borai Alma, The Creator of the World. Baruch Hashem, B’ayin tova, this span of my life has been a time of “folded fish.”   That is, in this life parsha, I’ve...
Thursday Nov 14, 2013
    Saying “testing, testing…1…2…3” and tapping is a fairly antiquated method of inspecting a microphone or any other device designed to process sound. Whereas audio equipment evaluating subjectivists maintain that the human ear is sufficient for discerning faulty apparati, and whereas many more equipment testers have jumped on the objectivist bandwagon, i.e. have come to insist that relying on...
Thursday Oct 31, 2013
We ordinary people’s sentiment of self, both in terms of its allegiance and its identity, repeatedly rings shallow. Most often, we see ourselves as we want to be seen; we cast away our unfavorable self-impressions, pretending that if we figuratively hide under the covers or otherwise drape disguises around us that no one will notice our flaws. It follows that when our lives get taxing, we resort to layering additional pretenses upon our...
Tuesday Oct 15, 2013
    Most folks are reluctant to embrace acupuncture as a healing method. After all, the notion of being pierced anywhere on the body, including on the face or genitals, in order to mend, sounds scary in the least, mentally questionable at the extreme.    Despite the fact that the majority of acupuncture needles are placed on clients’ arms and legs, and despite the fact that such placement, in conjunction with...

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