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Wednesday Mar 26, 2014
    During a concert in Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Katz reminded his audience that in everything we do, we can approach our activities from the focus of “how can we serve Hashem” or, has v’shalom, from the focus of “how can we serve ourselves.” These two approaches are mutually exclusive.   Consider, as Rabbi Katz pointed out, the nature of Chanukah candles. Such exquisite lights are prohibited from...
Thursday Feb 27, 2014
  MEM 137: Another Tekkes   I cried. Despite my sons and daughter’s beliefs to the contrary, I blub only when touched by meaningful stimuli. Authenticity is one such inducement. The truth-based people, images, and emotions I witnessed at my soldier son’s latest army ceremony created a new need for me to get teary.   Consider, first, the kinfolk that were there. Rather than cringe at the notion that they were...
Monday Jan 27, 2014
      It is said that Shabbot is a taste of Gan Eden. It is claimed, as well, that it is better to receive “payment” for our thoughts, words, and deeds in Olam Haba than to receive payment for them in this reality.    Even so, there are times when the barriers among the spheres momentarily thin and we are privileged to see far away worlds. A recent Tu’ Bishvat seder, which Computer Cowboy and I were...
Thursday Jan 16, 2014
   The essential organization of elements within a given frame of time constitutes, authentically, a composition. These “pictures,” in turn, remind us of what we have already experienced in life as well as of those things to which we aspire. Consider that life’s passages are finite in duration, and that if we are fortunate, one day we are single, the next married, the day after a mother, and then, “later in the...
Thursday Dec 26, 2013
    On Thursdays, I power down. Thursdays, for me, mark that place in the week that paves the way for Fridays. Fridays introduce Sabbath.   On Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, I am a crazy woman. I create texts, I rewrite them, and then, after oodles more of revisions, I submit them for publications. During those days, as well, I read manuscripts for three venues and send out pitches for my yet unpublished books. Midweek, I catch...

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