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Thursday Jan 02, 2014
  Imagine the following:  Government inspectors are empowered to dress in uniforms and carry a shield. They may demand entry into a privately owned business. They may confiscate samples from the business. They may investigate the owner for fraud if they so decide. They may confiscate property if they believe that fraud has been committed. All of this without a police warrant. Sounds Orwellian. Or maybe policy in a police state. But...
Thursday Oct 24, 2013
  I have alluded in past blogs to issues of racism as determining if the application of a potential Oleh, who is a convert to Judaism, would be approved by the Interior Ministry for Aliyah. I have tried to hint at some of the issues faced by people of color and I have provided some examples. But there has been no apparent improvement in the situation.  For years I ascribed the problem to the many bureaucrats who were appointed by Shas...
Friday Aug 30, 2013
  This morning I was contacted by an American journalist writing about the marginalization of the non-Orthodox movements in Israel. She wanted my views on this subject. I am not sure that my response was in line with her premise. I have begun to feel optimistic.   Since the Masorti Movement was established in Israel we have found the doors to MKs and ministers closed. Our congregations, youth groups, and rabbis were not granted...
Monday Jun 17, 2013
Every ten years Israel selects a new Chief Rabbi. Actually we select two – one Ashkenazi and one Sefaerdi.  Do we have a real need for two Chiefs? I would argue that we do not have a real need for even one. It is an institution that is outdated and outmoded. It is a drain on the Israeli treasury and is respected by very few. This election has brought about a new nadir.   So called secular Israelis would be happy to do without....
Sunday May 19, 2013
    Imagine a family donating a very expensive piece of medical equipment to a hospital in Israel. A device with the potential to save many lives.  The family, however, makes one clear stipulation: the machine may only be used for Jewish patients – Arab patients may not be treated with the device.   If the hospital were to accept the equipment and follow the family wishes – indeed lives would be saved. Maybe many...

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