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Wednesday Apr 02, 2014
    As we approach the Jewish festival of Passover and the night that is “different from all other nights”, it is appropriate that there is much in the recent news that positively distinguishes the Jewish State from the norm.   In medical news, Israelis have been developing some unique treatments and devices that will make a big difference to the lives of the chronically sick.  The Renaissance Guidance System...
Wednesday Mar 26, 2014
  Recent news is full of examples of how freedom continues to be championed by the Jewish State, where the concept began.  This is particularly appropriate at this time of year, in the lead-up to Passover - the Jewish festival of freedom.   Every week, Israeli discoveries and developments gives freedom to many suffering from deadly diseases.  March is Israel’s colon cancer awareness month, highlighting the decline of...
Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
      The Jewish festival of Purim begins on Sunday and is one of the happiest events in the Hebrew calendar.  No surprise then that this week’s blog takes an even more cheerful view of the Israeli news than usual.   Israelis have become experts in formulating treatments that keep the brain in a happy and healthy state.  Professor Marta Weinstock-Rosin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem just received the...
Wednesday Mar 05, 2014
    As readers of my weekly positive newsletter will know, there has been a huge surge in the volume of Israel’s medical discoveries, scientific advances, agricultural innovations, water technology and humanitarian activities recently.  Despite the chaos in many other countries, I believe that better times are on their way for the rest of the world.   Israel’s medical innovations are making a better life for...
Wednesday Feb 26, 2014
      You probably already know about the most famous of Israeli “firsts”. Such as Intel’s microchip breakthroughs, SMS technology, the digestible camera and cherry tomatoes.  But every week there is news of exciting discoveries and innovations from the Jewish State. Last week, there were even more than usual.   Dr. Itai Amir of Israel’s Maayanei Hayeshua hospital discovered a new strain of...

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