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Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
    Last week was filled with news comprising one of Israel’s main goals - to repair the world.  But in case you were swamped by negative stories, here are some of the uplifting highlights.   The saving of innocent life is the top goal for Israelis.  Whilst the death toll in Syria’s civil war rises, Israel continued to treat hundreds of Syria’s wounded at its medical centers and IDF field hospital....
Wednesday Feb 12, 2014
Israelis know that the Jewish State cannot afford to lose a single war or conflict.  In fact prevention of any loss of innocent life is paramount to Israelis.  And a determined “refusal to give up” is almost a national character trait that can be seen in many other aspects of Israeli society.   Israel is one of the top countries working to prevent or reduce loss of life from cancer.  Researchers at Tel Aviv’...
Wednesday Feb 05, 2014
When I see news of Syrian civilians being barrel-bombed by their government and others needlessly starving to death, it is clear that only Israel can pull this crazy world out of its spiraling descent into self-destruction.   In the last few weeks, floods of wounded Syrians have been seeking and receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals.  A Christian group even rushed a Muslim Syrian Kurdish child from Iran-dominated Iraq to Israel, to...
Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
  The excitement of living in the Start-up Nation can be electric.  You can often feel the buzz from highly charged Israeli entrepreneurs developing their latest wired and wireless innovative products.  You never know, until the last moment, what new life-changing Israeli devices and discoveries are going to be announced. This week I wanted to share some of the latest news that is literally coming over the wire almost every day in...
Wednesday Jan 15, 2014
I write this after hearing two BBC presenters express horror that a Moslem family strapped a suicide belt onto their 9-year-old daughter and attempted to educate her to blow herself up at a checkpoint.  Before you congratulate the BBC on finally learning the facts of life about Islamic terrorism, I have to point out that this was a report from Afghanistan.  The BBC unfortunately cannot make the educational leap in connecting this to...

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