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Monday Aug 25, 2014
  A traitor is a person, country or group that betrays and is disloyal to another by helping or supporting its enemy.  Yes, there are groups of Jews and Christians, including the liberal base of the US Democrat Party, which can be labeled as traitors to Israel. Europeans who were exposed to Nazism and Fascism before and during WWII are now participating in anti-Semitic protests.  Israel has been suffering terrorizing rocket...
Sunday Aug 10, 2014
  The media has it all wrong.  They are failing to provide accurate information so it is time it was provided to them.  First of all, the world grieves for the wounded and dead Palestinians but the blame does not belong to Israel – it belongs squarely on the shoulders of Hamas who use their own people as human shields to protect their weapons.  Simply stated, Israel uses her weapons to protect her people but Hamas uses...
Sunday Aug 03, 2014
  Preparing to write this article was akin to riding a roller coaster with no end in sight, until I had an “ah hah” moment.  Then the roller coaster became a “Merry-go-Round” and the story line began to make sense.     In various media sources, the following descriptions have been given to John Kerry’s actions and decisions about his efforts to broker “peace” between Israel and Hamas...
Sunday Jul 27, 2014
A U.S. CNN news anchor recently tried to blast Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, concerning the claim that the IDF had purposefully shot at a United Nations school causing huge civilian casualties.  To the ambassador’s credit, the anchor had to back down.  Criticism concerning the school attack ensued before any definitive investigation.  Of course, it’s always “Blame Israel First!...
Monday Jul 21, 2014
  Whoever wins the war of public opinion will smell victorious.  Hamas knows this and they expertly play to the media who buy into all their twisted fairytales.  Hamas plays the victim role beautifully and flawlessly, calling the media to come see what Israel did.   Hamas lacks conscience, lacks compassion and Hamas lacks any desire to live as a member of the civilized world.  But the media never seems to report truth....

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