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Monday Jul 21, 2014
  Whoever wins the war of public opinion will smell victorious.  Hamas knows this and they expertly play to the media who buy into all their twisted fairytales.  Hamas plays the victim role beautifully and flawlessly, calling the media to come see what Israel did.   Hamas lacks conscience, lacks compassion and Hamas lacks any desire to live as a member of the civilized world.  But the media never seems to report truth....
Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
  This chant is being shouted from streets of major cities across America and around the world. The message we hear is, how can these poor, oppressed Palestinians live one more day facing such violence and turmoil?  The whole world must unite to help these oppressed and depressed underdogs who have been forced to flee their homes and live in deplorable conditions in UNRWA-sponsored school buildings that serve as emergency shelters...
Saturday Jul 05, 2014
  Not all ideologies are created equal.  In the past few weeks, since the terrorist group, ISIS, (The jihadist terror group Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) arose and initiated its murderous rampage across Iraq, the internet is furiously spewing out scene after scene, picture after picture, and headline after headline of the savage fruits of militant Islam.   The barbaric brutality and diabolical demonstrations of extremist...
Friday Jun 20, 2014
  Finally, it appears Israel has recognized that she has the same rights as the United States of America and other sovereign nations around the world to protect and defend her citizens and her real estate from acts of aggression, terrorism and other criminal offenses. For those who value freedom and democracy, it is refreshing to see the great State of Israel standing up to Muslim terrorists who try to justify their barbaric acts as being...
Sunday Jun 15, 2014
  Anyone paying the slightest attention is shaking their heads in disbelief over developments between two Middle East neighbors, the Israelis and Palestinians. The circumstances become more worrisome with a third party halfway around the world meddling in their affairs, the United States. Will President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry act according to US law or defy it?   First, in 2005, the United States of America helped to...

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