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Monday Apr 14, 2014
  There is very little I can add to all the wonderful content at the JPost blog sectiomn But there is one thing that I perceive that does give meaning to the Passover holiday, what freedom means and why the Land of Israel and Zionism, the Jewish national ethos, are all important to remember at the Seder table. I checked a short while ago that New York Jewish liberal newspaper, the NYTimes, and at its website, the Kansas city killings were...
Monday Apr 07, 2014
  Here is a bit of Ben-Ami Zionism:   Western political leaders have acquired a concern for 'Arab-Palestinian homelessness', which is selfishly economic rather than humanitarian. At the same time they ignore that three quarters of the original Palestine Mandate area is now under Palestinian-Arab rule. The sooner disaspora Jews and the Hebrew nation recognize these new realities, the stronger they will be. The Hebrew renaissance...
Sunday Apr 06, 2014
  I'll admit: I'm mixed up.   In this paper this morning I read:   The PA on Saturday criticized Justice Minister Tzipi Livni’s statements that the Palestinians need to give something in return for the release of the final batch of Palestinian prisoners.   Nabil Abu Rudaineh, Abbas’s spokesman, said the Palestinians reject Livni’s statements.  “As head of the Israeli negotiating team, Livni knows...
Friday Apr 04, 2014
  A word of introduction, first.   In my capacity as coordinator of the Knesset Lobby on Behalf of Jonathan Pollard, 1987 – 1996, I have met Jay twice in his prisons.  I am familiar with his case.  I spent many hours with his late parents and his sister.  I maintain contact with central people even unto today as regards his fate.  I met Ministers, lawyers, activists. American Jewish establishment leaders, and...
Monday Mar 31, 2014
  Next week, “Deir Yassin Day” will be marked.     As with many of the Arab claims, this incident, too, has been returned to its historical truth and correct proportions.  Unlike the wild propaganda over the years, the so-called “massacre” on Friday, April 9, 1948 did not occur nor was as related by Arabs and their supporters and the context of the events is much different than suggested.  ...

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