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From Green Finland to Yellow Arava

Sunday Aug 17, 2014
    The Middle East is in turmoil. Many of its current conflicts have emerged from the concern of environmental security, which consists of energy security, water security, food security, land degradation and desertification. Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - the Jewish National Fund has contributed to all these fields over the past hundred years and more. Israel, which consists of mostly arid and semi-arid climate, has successfully confronted...
Sunday Jun 22, 2014
  Houses of white limestone glow in the heat of the sun. Smooth tiles cover the narrow alleyways, testifying to the ancient history of this place.  The City of David in Jerusalem was built on the historical Mount Zion in the Judean Hills. The view from the neighborhood of Arnona overlooking the beautiful City of Peace is breathtaking. This is Jerusalem, the capital of ancient and contemporary Israel.   A silver half shekel....
Tuesday May 20, 2014
 It is an early afternoon in Poland. I am standing in a green field surrounded by a deep forest. The spring sun shines through the occasional clouds. Had there not been the thousands of stones standing in front of us, it could have been like any peaceful Central European location. Yet, the stones were a memorial; a reminder of the millions of nightmares of the past. It was Treblinka, the death camp, the graveyard of many innocent. As I was...
Thursday Apr 10, 2014
  Environmental awareness is an integral part of the foundation of Judaism. This has been one of the principles that stemmed from the establishment of KKL-JNF in 1901. The human connection to our shared environment is reflected in the Book of Genesis, the first book of Moses and the Torah. Throughout its first chapters the diversity of environment is considered as the basis of a healthy life. How can we understand more about this connection...
Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
Various motives and ambitions drive our decisions and our paths in life; doing our best in whatever we are assigned to do is an important part of reaching the shores of safety. This is a story of a good friend of mine, Ambassador Avi Granot, who serves in the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Deputy Director General. He is also a great friend of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund. He says that his generation of young...

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