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Monday Mar 03, 2014
    “My late husband wished me to re-marry,” says Judy Brown, “but it took me sixteen years. At first, I couldn’t even think about a second marriage, and then when I was ready, there was no one waiting in line to meet me.”   She started asking friends about setting her up.  Judy, 67, a popular teacher, dancer, and choreographer in Jerusalem, has a huge circle of friends who adore her. “Yet...
Monday Feb 03, 2014
  She was a New York State Assemblywoman on a mission – to find the perfect guy for her best friend, Fran Reid. She had someone in mind for Fran – Gary Bixhorn, Chief Operating Officer of Eastern Suffolk Board of Educational Service (BOCES). But Gary, a recent widower, was still in mourning and wasn’t ready to hear any talk about dating. “Basically, I cut her off,” says Gary.  ...
Sunday Jan 05, 2014
  Yakira Wiesel was the only girl on the crowded rooftop of a rickety bus.  She was in Nepal, on a nine-hour ride, heading toward the Frozen Lake Trek.  She heard some of the guys speaking Hebrew, which was comforting for a 20- year old Israeli girl. When the bus began to shake, she turned to one of them and asked: “Can I lean on you?”  Michael Azulay, who was 23 at the time, was happy to oblige. He recalls:...
Wednesday Dec 04, 2013
  He followed her to Los Angeles.  Later she followed him to Jerusalem. She’s the yin to his yang.   Eliav Rodman and Maor Shaffin were both regional directors for the World Zionist Organization when they met at a staff training session in August 2010. “I thought she was cute,” says Eliav, “and I proceeded to chat her up. But she blew me off.”   Maor retorts:  “The next day, I did give...
Tuesday Nov 05, 2013
  They had been friends for about six years. Lauren Karmely thought she would marry someone like Michel – his name is pronounced the French way. Then she began thinking of marrying him.   Lauren had invited Michel to a Sukkot party, along with other guys, family and lots of girlfriends. They dropped off a friend and were left alone in the car. He suggested a cup of tea at Dunkin Donuts. “It wasn’t a date,” says...

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