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Enemies of Zion

Tuesday Aug 12, 2014
  A clever scheme to give away territory   “Be not over righteous, nor too clever,” Solomon, a profoundly righteous and clever king, warns Israel for all time. His words speak cogently to a sovereign Israel, at liberty after two millennia to act for the good of its people, not least in the matter of territory. If only Israel took the king’s early warning to heart. Instead, echelons of leaders and society chose to be...
Friday Aug 01, 2014
    The Good ship Goldstone   With Israel's Gaza War III raging at full bore, the UN Human Rights Council created a "commission of inquiry" to investigate Israel's human rights violations in the strip. Note well. Israel is already guilty before the ink is dry. And note the omission: the resolution does not mandate the inquiry to investigate fairly and impartially.   The last was no drafting error. The Council may be...
Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
A descendant of a nation that God commands Israel to destroy?   The question alone would give opponents, even the ungodly, apoplexy. God pro-Israel! At least one rival faith stands or falls on the exile of God-forsaken wandering Jews, and if it allows modern Israel to survive it will not allow it to thrive. What could be more in a cleric’s face than Israel thriving? So it is that Archbishop for life Desmond Tutu tells the nation of...
Sunday Jun 22, 2014
          Balaam attempts to curse Israel   It would never occur to Jody Ruderon, employed to write on Israel for the New York Times, that she was following in a prophetic wizard’s footsteps. No more would it have occurred to the many others who blamed kidnap victims while giving a nod to the kidnappers. This willful inversion of a capital crime slapped Jews in the face like a cold fish, coming in the wake of...
Sunday May 25, 2014
  Steadfast and ardent supporters of the peace process believe that:   Ensuring Israel’s future as a strong, secure, Jewish and democratic state requires achieving a lasting two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.   Distilling out the elements, we are left with: 1. Neighbours, Palestine and Israel, living peaceably 2. Israel secure and strong 3. Conflict resolved   Hence to the Peace Formula:  Two...

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