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Sunday Jan 26, 2014
   Several historical and textual problems emerge from identifying the Dead Sea Scrolls with “the Essenes". Since most of our knowledge about "Essenes" is based on notices from the First-Century Jewish historian Josephus, it is reasonable to suppose that some of these difficulties stem from Josephus' own confusions, distortions, or purposeful obfuscations of data. In this regard, it is often overlooked that...
Sunday Oct 20, 2013
The thing that has principally held researchers back from making the kinds of connections outlined in my article “Internal vs. External Data and the Dead Sea Scrolls” two months ago ( is the chronology of Qumran based on the External Data – as we showed – primarily including archaeology, paleography and, latterly, radiocarbon...
Monday Aug 26, 2013
  Author's note: Much of what follows is excerpted from pp. 788-801 of my James the Brother of Jesus (Viking/Faber&Faber/Penguin, 1997-98); but it has been 'borrowed' so much - sometimes even without attribution - that I felt it might be good to repeat the gist of it in more popular (though admittedly still complex) form here:  Most reading this blog probably never heard of Epaphroditus. He is mentioned twice in...
Sunday Aug 18, 2013
  The reason I have not written very much lately is because "Israel is in a Pickle" - and we all know it.   There is not very much new to say or say at all, except 'Stall, stall, stall'!   But have they/we enough time?   Of course, one could always say "No!" - "No, no, no" - the three "No's!", but Israel or "the Jews" (as a "Jew" myself, I feel I have the right to...
Tuesday Jul 30, 2013
  There are two kinds of data for materials such as those found at Qumran (the Dead Sea Scrolls), ‘external’ and ‘internal.’ ‘External data’ consist of things like archaeology, paleography, and carbon dating. In a situation like of the Scrolls, the latter turn out to often be either imprecise or unreliable.   It has been my position from the beginning of my work (the 70's), in a situation of the...