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Classroom Battleground

Monday Dec 09, 2013
Over the last eight years, AICE has provided funding for more than 100 visiting Israeli professors to teach at more than 50 different universities across the United States, including elite schools such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Berkeley. These visitors have helped changed the academic landscape and stimulated the creation of new courses, centers, chairs and programs in Israel Studies. This year, 21 visitors are teaching in a variety of...
Tuesday Aug 20, 2013
    “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” might be the official motto of the pro-Israel community. Each summer groups anticipate anti-Israel activity will flare up on America’s campuses and work to prepare campus professionals and students to respond. Increasingly, groups have come to the realization that it is far more effective to set a positive agenda than to constantly defend Israel against detractors....
Monday Aug 05, 2013
Just as some people believe alligators are in New York sewers; many Israeli officials and American Jews are convinced American college campuses are aflame with delegitimizers and anti-Semites. Each year I try to disabuse people of this notion and put the very real problems we do have in context, and each year I fail. Nevertheless, let’s try again by looking at the past school year.     Pro-Israel campus organizations experienced...
Monday Mar 11, 2013
While Jews understandably focus on how they are treated on college campuses, it should come as no surprise that Arab and Muslim students also have concerns about how students, faculty and administrators treat them.   A 2010 report on the religious or spiritual preferences of students across the UC system found that only 3% out of more than 61,000 respondents identified as Jews, and an even smaller percentage (1.5%) identified as Muslims....
Tuesday Feb 26, 2013
In 1992, Marcela Kogan and I wrote in Hadassah Magazine, "Future support for Israel may depend on the relationships developed between the Jewish and Hispanic comunities." At that time, the American Jewish Committee was one of the few Jewish organizations devoting much effort to building bridges with the Hispanic community.  We noted that unlike the sometimes rocky relationship between Jews and African-Americans, Jews and...

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