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Saturday Dec 07, 2013
    (Photo of Gal Gadot by Reuters)   It was the year of the wrecking ball. From Miley’s twerks to Lady Gaga’s whacked out skirts, female celebs are in need of a new kind of hero. Even Jen Lawrence fell down on her knees while ascending the stage to accept Oscar in ‘13.   But wait. Look up in the sky. It’s an invisible plane. No it’s a giant Amazon. Well, it’s actually Israeli actress, Gal...
Monday Nov 18, 2013
(Photo courtesty of Paramount Pictures.) Sandwiched between the Super Typhoon Haiyan last week and the devastation from tornadoes in Illinois just yesterday, I caught a first glimpse of the film trailer for “Noah” on Mashable set to hit theaters next spring.   Over the past decade (as I’ve written about), movies about either an oncoming apocalypse or a post-apocalyptic world have been on a constant loop. Having now...
Wednesday Oct 30, 2013
(Image taken from storybook with flag added.)   As children, we all grew up with the biblical story of David and Goliath. Of all the various stories from the bible, as a child, it was the one I’d read and reread over and over again. The story of the young boy defeating⎯against all odds⎯the massive giant, is a metaphor we adults apply today to business, warfare and obstacles of all kinds.   In Malcolm Gladwell’s newest...
Tuesday Oct 08, 2013
  (Photo of Old City, Jerusalem by Abe Novick)   It’s hard to think of a more appropriate city than Jerusalem to be seen from a G-d’s eye view. But that’s exactly what the new IMAX movie, distributed by National Geographic Entertainment, will be doing in the coming months as it makes its way to the giant screens around the world.   Often relegated to themes of science and exploration, whether Mount Everest, the...
Thursday Sep 12, 2013
 Gary Hershorn/Reuters   (I wrote this piece days after 9/11/2001 and think it still rings true today.)   When I lived in New York, I could look up at any hour of the day or night and see the twin towers of The World Trade Center. I took comfort in their presence and the knowledge that American freedom and the ideals of capitalism were hard at work. Especially at night, to look up and see the windows still lit when most of the...

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