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Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
    (Alicia Keys, Credit: Reuters)   Last year it was R&B singer Alicia Keys. This summer, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and rock band the Pixies all plan to perform in Israel.   Yet what much of the world doesn’t know or realize, is that these and other performers who publicize their upcoming gigs in the holy land, are met with the wrath and scorn of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) mob immediately...
Monday Jan 27, 2014
(Photo of Alfred Hitchcock)   For years cable channels like “The History Channel” and “The Military Channel” were dubbed “The Hitler Channel” because, as often as not, the little dictator was shown giving the Sieg Heil to his henchmen.   But in an age of on-Demand delivery, this occasional late-night dosage doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy the craven cravings of online surfers and shoppers...
Sunday Jan 05, 2014
First it was the iconographically challenged neo-Nazis that gave us that other brand of Bizarro swastika found in the Popular Association – Golden Dawn’s logo. Now comes the inverted, spastic quenelle salute. The reverse Heil Hitler, made popular by Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, a French comedian is now spreading over the Internet like an underground twerk.   Dieudonné tries to present his brand of sicko...
Saturday Dec 14, 2013
(Image courtesy of Reuters)   In an age of utter fakery, when the line distinguishing what’s authentic from what’s a sham gets narrower by the nanosecond, it’s hard to know, having read it on the Internet, if we’re in the matrix or not.   Just this week the virtual news world was filled with a report about “a team of physicists who’ve provided some of the clearest evidence (evidence mind you) that...
Saturday Dec 07, 2013
    (Photo of Gal Gadot by Reuters)   It was the year of the wrecking ball. From Miley’s twerks to Lady Gaga’s whacked out skirts, female celebs are in need of a new kind of hero. Even Jen Lawrence fell down on her knees while ascending the stage to accept Oscar in ‘13.   But wait. Look up in the sky. It’s an invisible plane. No it’s a giant Amazon. Well, it’s actually Israeli actress, Gal...

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