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Tuesday May 08, 2012
Israel woke up to an astounding new political reality Tuesday morning, one in which religious and far-right parties have lost considerable influence.   Having gone to sleep with the sound certainty that the Knesset would dissolve itself in a late-night vote, once again felling the government and leading to early elections on September fourth, the surprise of discovering a newly-formed unity government deal in the morning was palpable....
Thursday May 03, 2012
Did you know that a McDonald’s Big Mac can actually improve the way you look?   Well, it can improve the way your economy looks, anyway.   The world’s most famous sandwich, with its two beef patties, three sesame buns, cheese, special sauce, “fixins” and 29 grams of fat, may be so processed that it doesn’t age if let unrefrigerated for months on end, but that hasn’t stopped economists from finding...
Wednesday Apr 18, 2012
  Gearing into full election mode just in time for tax season, US President Barack Obama is hitting the road hard with a populist tax plan that plays to crowds like a billion dollars. Or, rather, like a billionaire.   For months now, Obama has been touting a "fairness rule" for taxes named for investment guru and money maven Warren Buffett that would set a floor for the minimum amount of income tax the wealthiest Americans...
Wednesday Apr 04, 2012
    For the third time this year, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rode in on a white horse at the last minute to rescue the country from an expected increase in gas prices. But as soon as the nation completed its collective eye roll, the reality sunk in that gasoline had reached its highest price in Israel's history.   At NIS 8 per liter ($8.16 per gallon), citizens were justifiably upset at the toll the new price would have on...
Tuesday Mar 27, 2012
  The Iron Dome system, successfully deployed in March's Gaza escalation, has elicited a surprising set of reactions in the Israeli public sphere. On the one hand, much has been made over the high price of the Iron Dome anti-rocket defense system. On the other, it has been hailed as a game changer that will neutralize the rocket threat on Israel's borders.   Neither view is quite right.   Regarding the cost: Each of the 20 rocket...

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