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Sunday Apr 21, 2013
  The death of Margaret Thatcher elicited a wide variety of reactions from news media and global citizens alike, but the Histadrut Labor Federation's latest shenanigans should remind Israelis of one of the Iron Lady's best legacies: breaking Britain's powerful labor unions.   It's not that labor unions are inherently bad. In fact, they are crucial drivers of democracy and offer important negotiating power to those who may be exploited...
Tuesday Sep 04, 2012
When a high-ranking congressional staffer asked me this summer whether Israelis appreciate all the US does for the Jewish state, my response was an unequivocal "Yes." Sure, people might disagree with some American policy, but they understand the hard work, diplomatic support and financial assistance the United States provides Israel, I said reassuringly.   As it turns out, I may have been way off base.   Between US Secretary...
Sunday Jul 08, 2012
Once again, Israel's government coalition teetered on the brink of destruction this past weekend.    Though it now seems likely that the unity government will weather the storm over replacing the Tal Law, the prospect of another collapsed government highlighted the endemic instability in Israel, which has prevented every government in the past two decades from finishing a full term.   But more than the intense division over...
Saturday Jun 16, 2012
The excitement was palpable in the balmy Israeli air as the debut of Madonna’s 2012 world tour neared. Her songs were on the radio, her visage on the billboards, the paparazzi shots of her Kaballah center visit were all over the newspapers, and the aura of her fame engulfed the suddenly fortress-like Ramat Gan stadium.   If a visit from the Queen of Pop felt more like a visit from the Queen of England, in many ways it was. In a small...
Monday May 28, 2012
That was the central question posed at this year’s Globes conference on Capital Markets and Finance, held in the lavish David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv (if ever one wondered where the 1 percent go for conferences, I can say with some certainty that this is it; between speakers, the conference included luxurious breakfast and lunch spreads, free lattes, noon-time cocktails in the main room and beer on the pool deck overlooking the...

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