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From Dorothea's...
         Despite the dire warnings of traffic jams and accidents on all the roads throughout Israel, we decided to take advantage of a lull in our various...
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  He’s from Missouri and she’s from Florida.  They met in Ra’anana, Israel.  In the spring of 2011, Andrea “Andy” Surasky, then 20,...
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Tel Aviv Don't...
    Any good Tel Avivian knows that in renting a tiny, overpriced “renovated” apartment in the city, their chosen building will inevitably come with its...
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Shuly in the City
      I believe in the meant to be.   It's not a theory, or a lifestyle but rather just a term that comforts me and sometimes helps me refrain from taking...
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Dr. Hope
  The most common critique that I get about my writing pertains to my tendency to use big words. I’ve been making efforts to remedy this ailment, but today, please...
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Big Eyes
A short post written on Valentine's Day, but meant for an entirely different day--Yom HaShoah: I could barely hear her as she spoke about Poland. Every sound of the street -- a...
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