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  “I give thanks before you, King, living and eternal, for you have returned within me my soul with compassion - abundant is your faithfulness,” I whispered as I...
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From Dorothea's...
      It’s an occupational hazard of living in Israel. You live your life, make vacation plans, and then there is a crisis. At first you don’t know how...
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World Cup 2014
  (Attendants celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Petruccelli Israel at the Beth Yacov Rabi Meyr synagogue in Manaus, Brazil, last month. Photo: Anne Benchimol) ...
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    Josh noticed her at a seminar in Jerusalem – not for himself; but for his friend, Brett.  In fact, Chicago-born Brett Baron hadn’t come to meet...
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Plugged in Canaan
The growth of international tourism to Israel is mostly an air travel phenomenon – no huge surprise there. However, stats recently published by the Ministry of Tourism (pdf...
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Tel Aviv Don't...
    Any good Tel Avivian knows that in renting a tiny, overpriced “renovated” apartment in the city, their chosen building will inevitably come with its...
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Dr. Hope
  The most common critique that I get about my writing pertains to my tendency to use big words. I’ve been making efforts to remedy this ailment, but today, please...
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