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Reform Reflections
      Brandeis University, a Jewish-sponsored university and my alma mater, has withdrawn its offer to give an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  As reported...
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Middle Eastern Musings
    During a concert in Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Katz reminded his audience that in everything we do, we can approach our activities from the focus of “how can we...
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Seventy Faces
      The recent outcry over BDS and Open Hillel has led to a debate over the type of environment that the Jewish community wants to promote. On the one hand, Jews...
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Masorti Matters
  Imagine the following:  Government inspectors are empowered to dress in uniforms and carry a shield. They may demand entry into a privately owned business. They may...
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America's Rabbi
    George Galloway, Member of Parliament for Bradford West, is one of the leading Israel haters of our time. In November of last year he branded Zionism...
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Orthodox Opinions
    As the Jerusalem Post reported last week, ITIM (Resources and Advocacy for Jewish Life) scored a victory on behalf of women’s rights around Israel last week,...
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