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A Point of View
When it comes to the safety of the Jewish community in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to think he can have it both ways. On one hand, he makes clear that the...
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Center Field
Every soldier killed, each rocket fired, every tunnel uncovered, each detail of Hamas’s planned Rosh Hashanah swarming of Israeli civilians from the tunnels revealed,...
The Jewish Problem - From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism's picture
The Jewish problem, from...
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis July 28, 2014, 12:05 AM (IDT)   I reproduce this article because even its title, Netanyahu’s dilemma to choose between Obama and a...
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2nd Thoughts
  I found the following letter so realistically descriptive of civilian life in Israel under fire that I couldn't resist publishing it on my blog. Aviation lawyer, Charles...
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Israel Uncensored
A U.S. CNN news anchor recently tried to blast Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, concerning the claim that the IDF had purposefully shot at a United...
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This Normal Life
  An article a few weeks ago in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz questioned why someone would ever want to make aliyah from a comfortable country like the US especially these...
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The Warped Mirror
  TV screens, newspapers around the world and the social media are full of images and stories highlighting the suffering of Gaza’s population during the current...
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In the Trenches
  In the current conflict, there are those who refuse to grasp the simple, stark truth.   Although the distinction between Israel and Hamas couldn’t be clearer...
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Enemies of Zion
A descendant of a nation that God commands Israel to destroy?   The question alone would give opponents, even the ungodly, apoplexy. God pro-Israel! At least one rival faith...
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Classroom Battleground
  As in most other days, the Southern Californian skies of Claremont today are clear and the sun shines exceptionally bright. In the Middle East, however, the skies are...
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Brand of the Jews
Nazi activst Photo Credit: Reuters   While the practice of anti-Semitism will likely never be completely eliminated, it is a term that needs to go away.   Do a Jay Leno...
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Clash of Cultures
MK Shimon Ohayon, who proposed the law  By Lyn Julius It’s been a historic week for activists campaigning for the rights of Jews from Arab lands. The Israeli Knesset...
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Christian World
    With news that the Presbyterian Church (USA) has narrowly voted to divest from three companies doing business with Israel, pro Israel activists watch with...
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JIMENA - Voice of...
     Jacques Guy Benhamou is the eldest of three sons born to an Algerian Jewish family. His Hebrew name is Yaakov, as it was traditional for the eldest son to...
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Calling out Terrorism
  Over 3 years ago I wrote about the TSA and called it “window dressing”, now on the heels of knives being allowed back on planes and a fake bomb making it...
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Candidly Speaking
                                          There is madness in the air....
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