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In the Trenches's picture
In the Trenches
  This year, we mark what would have been Jan Karski’s 100th birthday.   The more time goes by, the more I miss him. Precisely when his voice is needed more than...
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Enemies of Zion
      Let the people go!      A people liberated from slavery. No wonder the Jewish Passover is a time when aficionados of human rights feel drawn to...
The Jewish Problem - From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism's picture
Antisemitism and Jewish...
  “Whether Paul was responsible for all this anti-Jewish writing is far less important than the use Christian theologians from the late empire to the twentieth century...
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A Point of View
  Voices from the past, disconnected from today’s realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have come together at a time of crisis in the negotiations to tell...
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Christian World
    One pro-Israel advocate has described the debate among Christians regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as “A long war,” while organizers...
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This Normal Life
  As the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians were breaking down last week, the Old City of Jerusalem was an unlikely spot of musical coexistence. And nowhere was...
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Israel Uncensored
A group of Israeli rabbis has issued an open letter warning that the United States Secretary of State John Kerry’s reckless peace efforts, if they should come to fruition,...
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2nd Thoughts
  The heroic search for evidence of the missing aircraft under extremely difficult conditions in an area reported to have spanned, at one stage, nearly 3 million square...
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Brand of the Jews
(Poster courtesy of Marvel)   Caps back and not a moment too soon.   Just as Russian President Vladimir Putin reasserts his old Cold War bravado, infused with Olympian...
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Center Field
  Last week’s front page of Israel’s Yediot Achranot captured Israel society at its worst. One headline screamed about Tel Aviv youths repeatedly gang raping a...
Classroom Battlegrounds's picture
Classroom Battleground
Education and training is still important for students, but the most effective antidote to Israel’s detractors inside and outside the classroom are faculty who can present...
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The Warped Mirror
 Rania Khalek describes herself as “an independent journalist,” and while she apparently prefers not to disclose her professional qualifications, she at least...
Clash of Cultures's picture
Clash of Cultures
 By Lyn Julius In Baghdad before WW2, Jews made up a quarter of the population. Today there are five   It has become fashionable for academics in Middle East Studies...
JIMENA - Voice of Forgotten Refugees's picture
JIMENA - Voice of...
Claude Rouas was born in Algeria in 1933. Orphaned at a young age after both of his parents died of cancer, Claude was raised by extended family including his uncle “Papa...
It's Called Terrorism's picture
Calling out Terrorism
  Over 3 years ago I wrote about the TSA and called it “window dressing”, now on the heels of knives being allowed back on planes and a fake bomb making it...
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Candidly Speaking
                                          There is madness in the air....
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