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The Jewish Problem - From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism's picture
The Jewish problem, from...
  Thane Rosenbaum Wall Street Journal July 21, 2014   Let's state the obvious: No one likes to see dead children. Well, that's not completely true: Hamas does. They...
Enemies of Zion's picture
Enemies of Zion
A descendant of a nation that God commands Israel to destroy?   The question alone would give opponents, even the ungodly, apoplexy. God pro-Israel! At least one rival faith...
2nd Thoughts's picture
2nd Thoughts
By Maurice Ostroff  The demand by Hamas that the blockade be lifted before even negotiating a ceasefire leads straight to the IMPORTANT question about its purpose. Was the...
Israel Uncensored's picture
Israel Uncensored
  Whoever wins the war of public opinion will smell victorious.  Hamas knows this and they expertly play to the media who buy into all their twisted fairytales.  ...
Classroom Battlegrounds's picture
Classroom Battleground
  As in most other days, the Southern Californian skies of Claremont today are clear and the sun shines exceptionally bright. In the Middle East, however, the skies are...
The Warped Mirror's picture
The Warped Mirror
  Imagine you are a young doctor in Gaza during the current war: there is terrible destruction, frequent and fearsome airstrikes, some 200 of your fellow Gazans have been...
Center Field's picture
Center Field
  Amid Hamas’s rocket barrage from totalitarian Gaza, the land Israel left nine years ago, American Jewry’s tiny but loud far left launched its own fusillade....
In the Trenches's picture
In the Trenches
    Two centuries ago, the great German poet Goethe said: “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.”   It’s as true today as it...
This Normal Life's picture
This Normal Life
  A rabbi friend of mine had major surgery last month. Thankfully, he made it through OK and has now begun a long recovery process.   Before, during and after the...
Brand of the Jews's picture
Brand of the Jews
Nazi activst Photo Credit: Reuters   While the practice of anti-Semitism will likely never be completely eliminated, it is a term that needs to go away.   Do a Jay Leno...
A Point of View's picture
A Point of View
  The barbaric kidnapping and murder of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar sent shockwaves of horror across the world. For eighteen long days, decent people...
Clash of Cultures's picture
Clash of Cultures
MK Shimon Ohayon, who proposed the law  By Lyn Julius It’s been a historic week for activists campaigning for the rights of Jews from Arab lands. The Israeli Knesset...
Christian World's picture
Christian World
    With news that the Presbyterian Church (USA) has narrowly voted to divest from three companies doing business with Israel, pro Israel activists watch with...
JIMENA - Voice of Forgotten Refugees's picture
JIMENA - Voice of...
     Jacques Guy Benhamou is the eldest of three sons born to an Algerian Jewish family. His Hebrew name is Yaakov, as it was traditional for the eldest son to...
It's Called Terrorism's picture
Calling out Terrorism
  Over 3 years ago I wrote about the TSA and called it “window dressing”, now on the heels of knives being allowed back on planes and a fake bomb making it...
Candidly Speaking's picture
Candidly Speaking
                                          There is madness in the air....
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