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The Jewish Problem - From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism's picture
The Jewish problem, from...
    The following article by Charles Krautkammer appeared in the Washington Post nearly a month ago. Its criticisms of the Obama Administration approach to Israel, the...
Center Field's picture
Center Field
  Contrary to laments from the Far Left and condemnations from the Right, Israel’s patriotic Left is behaving nobly and shrewdly, proving that liberal Zionism is...
Enemies of Zion's picture
Enemies of Zion
  The Lawman of Leiden   When a law faculty in Johannesburg pitched a debate between two academics of high standing it billed the event, “International law...
Israel Uncensored's picture
Israel Uncensored
  A traitor is a person, country or group that betrays and is disloyal to another by helping or supporting its enemy.  Yes, there are groups of Jews and Christians,...
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2nd Thoughts
     By Maurice Ostroff    President Obama's use of the acronym ISIL rather than the more common term ISIS for the Islamic terror group that’s...
The Warped Mirror's picture
The Warped Mirror
  Not long after Israel’s prime minister compared Hamas and the terror group ISIS (or IS for Islamic State) during a recent press conference, debates erupted on social...
This Normal Life's picture
This Normal Life
Photo credit: Leah Lesch   With our nerves already on edge from the air raid sirens and the heartbreaking mounting death toll as Operation Protective Edge raged on last...
Clash of Cultures's picture
Clash of Cultures
  By Michelle Huberman   It all began when  a video clip went viral of a tearful Yazidi MP in the Iraqi parliament. Screaming in despair, Fiyan Dakheel begged the...
In the Trenches's picture
In the Trenches
  When my mother turned 80, she spoke out for the first time in “Letter from an Octogenarian.”   At the time, she wrote: “I never thought I would...
A Point of View's picture
A Point of View
  The "barbaric violation of the cease-fire agreement," in the words of the White House spokesman, by Hamas when they attacked Israeli soldiers, killing two and...
Brand of the Jews's picture
Brand of the Jews
CNN reported today that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Israel would complete its goal of destroying Hamas' network of tunnels with or without a cease-fire. He...
Classroom Battlegrounds's picture
Classroom Battleground
  As in most other days, the Southern Californian skies of Claremont today are clear and the sun shines exceptionally bright. In the Middle East, however, the skies are...
Christian World's picture
Christian World
    With news that the Presbyterian Church (USA) has narrowly voted to divest from three companies doing business with Israel, pro Israel activists watch with...
JIMENA - Voice of Forgotten Refugees's picture
JIMENA - Voice of...
     Jacques Guy Benhamou is the eldest of three sons born to an Algerian Jewish family. His Hebrew name is Yaakov, as it was traditional for the eldest son to...
It's Called Terrorism's picture
Calling out Terrorism
  Over 3 years ago I wrote about the TSA and called it “window dressing”, now on the heels of knives being allowed back on planes and a fake bomb making it...
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Candidly Speaking
                                          There is madness in the air....
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