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  This does read like our situation here in Israel? Israel threatened Gaza on Sunday with “irreversible consequences” after a man was killed by a shell fired...
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Window on Israel
 Once again we're seeing that it's easier to begin a war than to end one.   A brief conversation with a neighbor whose career was in the Defense Ministry reached...
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The Wilder Way
 A couple of days ago I drove with my son-in-law towards Jerusalem to pick up my daughter – his wife, and their new daughter – our granddaughter. During the trip...
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Learner's Permit
You expect it from CNN. You expect it from the Arabs. You expect it from Jew-hating Jews. But you don’t expect it from a Jewish newspaper.    You don’t...
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Let's face the truth
The world is now witnessing the effects of the “Arab Spring” which seized the power from long-ruling leaders, mainly dictators, and propelled the Middle East into a...
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Police and Thieves
    Somebody’s dog won’t shut the f*** up, and some fool – let’s call him Amichai – keeps dropping in and out of the conference call,...
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Egypt's Missing...
          When the people who are responsible for my country ask a direct question, I expect them to accept my direct answer and not to be...
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Heaven and Earth
    In a little more than a year as Pope, Francis has developed a reputation for humility, care for the poor, and a penchant for dialogue with people from differing...
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Israel Sports Scoop
    Israel national football team manager Eli Guttman has picked his squad that will feature in two friendlies vs. Honduras and Mexico.   With Honduras and Mexico...
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Mitzner's Blitz
  Israel has been on the hi-tech map for over a decade now and its reputation as a dynamic powerhouse in the tech domain was strengthened in recent years after US giants such...
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The Eisenman Line
           In a much overlooked description of 'the Essenes', attributed to the Third-Century Early Church theologian Hippolytus...
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A Glance at the Future
    Making friends with the sea--These orphan children at Marathon, Greece, were brought from the interior of Asia Minor by the Near East Relief and never saw the sea...
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The Zionist Proponent
  I am a Zionist activist who has been helping Israel's image for the past six years abroad and in Israel. I made aliya from within Israel this past September 2012, one week...
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Understanding the Middle...
  At the end of November, 2013, Israel experienced a series of demonstrations throughout the Arab areas, some of which were violent, as part of the “Day of Rage...
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The Bottom Line
  The death of Margaret Thatcher elicited a wide variety of reactions from news media and global citizens alike, but the Histadrut Labor Federation's latest shenanigans...
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