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  I almost couldn't believe this story:   Robert Serry, the United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, joined the procession of Jews...
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Window on Israel
  Israeli politics is straining under the pressure of the US, and those led by the US to keep conversations with the Palestinians going, and the counter pressure from...
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The Wilder Way
  Tomorrow night we will mark a holiday Jews have been celebrating for some 3,500 years. That is, the miraculous exodus from Egypt, that is, the birth of the Jewish people,...
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Egypt's Missing...
    Shaykh Omar Suleiman once said: “The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.” While I was attending the MJC peace...
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Heaven and Earth
  Jonathan Pollard is rotting away in a maximum-security United States prison. Wikipedia tells us that he is the only person in US history to receive a life sentence for...
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Israel Sports Scoop
        After weeks of speculation, the Israeli national football team found out who they would face in the upcoming 2016 European Championship...
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Police and Thieves
It was a hot mic moment, even if police did invite the reporter to the event to begin with.   On Tuesday, during a visit to the Ayalon subdistict headquarters in Holon,...
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Learner's Permit
      What do you do when you’re a working mom (as most moms in Israel are) and your child plays sick? As a full-time writer at Kars4Kids, I'm often...
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A Glance at the Future
    (Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and President of the NKR Bako Sahakian accompanied by the RA Minister of Defense Seiran Ohanian and high-ranking military...
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Mitzner's Blitz
    Barry Rubin was one of a few thinkers who could intuitively connect the dots of a variety of political and social events both in the West and in the Middle East and...
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The Eisenman Line
   Several historical and textual problems emerge from identifying the Dead Sea Scrolls with “the Essenes". Since most of our knowledge about "Essenes...
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The Zionist Proponent
  I am a Zionist activist who has been helping Israel's image for the past six years abroad and in Israel. I made aliya from within Israel this past September 2012, one week...
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Understanding the Middle...
  At the end of November, 2013, Israel experienced a series of demonstrations throughout the Arab areas, some of which were violent, as part of the “Day of Rage...
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The Bottom Line
  The death of Margaret Thatcher elicited a wide variety of reactions from news media and global citizens alike, but the Histadrut Labor Federation's latest shenanigans...
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