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World Cup 2014

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World Cup: A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Brazil


(Photo credit: Reuters)
Three years ago I made the decision. Once in the lifetime of a true football fan, he or she has to attend the World Cup - the Holy Grail of the sport. 
The timing was perfect: I was in my mid-forties, football-crazed Brazil was the next host of the event, and I had no desire to go to either Qatar 2018 or Russia 2022.  It was now or never. 
The firs step - my wife opened a bank savings account for me. Then I announced to all my friends and family the following: For the next three years, I needed no birthday gifts, no holiday gifts, no treats, books or new socks. I wanted money for my trip. As much or little, whatever the contribution was, I would be happy. The project had began. 
Well, I made it. (More or less, still need to save a bit more...). Now i'm here at Heathrow Airport in London, awaiting the next leg of my flight to Cuiaba via Sao Paolo. I have tickets to three games, including USA vs Portugal in a few days.
I will blog and keep you posted on this journey of mine, which I am sure will be exciting. I hope to discover more about Brazil as I travel to the heart of the Amazon, interview a security company at the Cuiaba stadium, and try to be more adventurous with my food selections.  
Let the games continue! 
Moshe Arenstein is the Night Editor for The Jerusalem Post in Israel, and he also writes for the publication. He has also worked as a journalist and TV producer in New York for 16 years, including 11 years with NBC News. He sees football as art and believes it serves as lens to help us understand this world.





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