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World Cup: Israeli security in Brazil
(Nigeria vs Bosnia game)
I just got back from the Nigeria vs Bosnia game. What a fantastic experience. Although a mediocre game, the atmosphere was great. What a wonderful brand new stadium in Cuiaba. 
Everything was so well organized. In fact, it is an Israeli company who is providing security. Rishon Lezion based security company RISCO is providing security management at the football stadium. The state-of-the-art 44,000-seat Arena Pantanal is one of the 12 host venues of the World Cup. $537 millions were spent on its construction. 
The project includes coordinating hundreds of security IP cameras deployed in the stadium and its surroundings, lighting systems, gates, and PA system through a command and control center.
"We won the project last summer (around August - September) and by December last year the solution was up and running almost completely", Hemy Fintsy, EVP of RISCO told me. "Since then until a few weeks ago we worked on fine tuning and testing." 
In fact, RISCO had a presence in Brazil for many years and is known for its high quality products.
"For the purpose of this project we joined forces with local system integrator that was bidding on this project", Fintsy says. "The system integrator also represents Panasonic and some other infrastructure products. Our solutions met all the requirements of the bid in terms of functionality and time table. We offered field proven solutions, matured and most important flexible enough, in order
to meet the requirements of the tender."
RISCO sent only one Israeli as project manager. The rest of the work was conducted by a small technical team in Brazil and the system integrator team. 
One thing is for sure - the experience was safe, pleasant and organized. Credit Israeli technology and the Brazilian relaxed attitude.... 

Good night from Brazil.  


Moshe Arenstein is the Night Editor for The Jerusalem Post in Israel, and he also writes for the publication. He has also worked as a journalist and TV producer in New York for 16 years, including 11 years with NBC News. He sees football as art and believes it serves as lens to help us understand this world.
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