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Wednesday Jul 02, 2014
My statement to the media at a press conference yesterday at Yeshivat Shavei Hevron, here in Hebron. We sat here almost a month ago following the abduction, in hope and prayer that we might meet the press here again at a big celebration and unfortunately that's not the case. In Hebrew we say,' sur m'ra v'aseh tov' – first do away with the evil and then do good and that's the path that the State of Israel  must follow today.  We...
Friday Jun 27, 2014
  There are many people in Israel who feel like these past two weeks have been the longest two weeks in their lives. Since the moment the abduction became public knowledge, the tension is palpable.  There's more unknown than known. Optimism flips to pessimism and then back again. Emotions overcome intellect, but then the mind overtakes the heart. Faith, prayer, and a seemingly never-ending glance at the news, with someone in the...
Thursday May 29, 2014
  Forty eight years ago it couldn't have happened. Dozens of Israeli men and women, in uniform, standing in formation, in the plaza outside Ma'arat HaMachpela.   Yesterday we celebrated Yom Yerushalayim – Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the liberation of the holiest city in the world, Jerusalem. Foreign occupation, beginning some 2,000 years ago finally ended. True, this sacred city was not (and still is not) 'complete'...
Wednesday May 07, 2014
    The year was 1996. Shimon Peres signed away Hebron, chopping the city into two pieces, the larger abandoned to Arafat. But then the miracle happened. Bibi was elected. The Messiah had arrived. Hebron was saved.   Except that in January, 1997 the Messiah was revealed as a phony. Implementing the Hebron Accords, the city was split.   We warned – if you give the terrorists all the hills surrounding us, they'll use them...
Thursday May 01, 2014
A couple of days ago a new youtube video surfaced, filmed just outside my Beit Hadassah home in Hebron. It shows an Israeli soldier, guarding on the road outside the building, being first verbally, and then physically attacked, first by one Arab, and then by a second, who joined in. The soldier, realizing he is being threatened from two sides, loads his weapon, pointing it at the attackers, who then leave.  Following release of this video,...
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