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Sunday Jun 29, 2014
  When I heard a few months ago that Canadian author Nora Gold had written a novel about anti-Israel activism on campus, I was totally amazed because I thought it was a most unusual and courageous choice to try to deal with this rather sordid subject in a work of literature.  And there clearly is a problem, as some of the reviews that have been published in the meantime indicate: it simply doesn’t sound too enticing to see...
Sunday Jun 15, 2014
  Shaped largely by its co-founder and “Executive Director” Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada (EI) is described on its own website as an award-winning and widely recognized “news publication and educational resource focusing on Palestine.” While the site caters mainly to anti-Israel activists like proponents of BDS campaigns calling for boycotts against Israel, it is sometimes cited by well-placed journalists...
Monday Jun 09, 2014
  In the wake of last weekend’s commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the historic assault on Nazi-occupied France, the well-respected Arab analyst and commentator Hussein Ibish posted a tweet suggesting that the participation of some forces recruited from Arab countries invalidated what he called the “myth” that “Arabs sided with the Nazis.”     When I responded that the “fact that some...
Friday May 30, 2014
  Under the title “Netanyahu playing into anti-Semites’ hands,” Ha’aretz opinion writer Carolina Landsmann makes a convincing case that the paper she works for is determined to compete with the often anti-Semitic websites that cater to anti-Israel activists and outright Jew-haters. Landsmann begins her not particularly coherent column by mocking the Israeli prime minister’s efforts to have good relations with...
Monday May 19, 2014
  As far as the Palestinians are concerned, the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to Jerusalem is a visit to “Palestine” that provides just another opportunity to present Israel’s creation as a “catastrophe” or “nakba” for Palestinians in general, and Palestinian Christians in particular.     The document promoted for this purpose by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Negotiations...
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