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Tuesday Jun 19, 2012
In January, Tzanhanim held its first brigade-level exercise in fifteen years. I had the distinct privilege of being a part of it. But did I also have the pleasure of participating? After the fact, it is quite easy to say yes. Before and during the exercise, however, I could not say whether it was fun. I could only say that I at times found myself at many “mosts”: uncomfortable, fearful, tired, pained.  Welcome to the “tarhat...
Monday May 14, 2012
  My muscles ached and my head spun. Sensational feelings that I had never experienced before ran up and down my body. I looked around me and wondered why it was only I who felt this way; I did not know if it would end in a few hours or a few days. I was going home! I never wanted the feeling to end.   Lone soldiers in the IDF are entitled to one month off to visit their families in their respective home countries. I was finally able...
Sunday May 06, 2012
During my IDF service, I had the opportunity to serve within heart of Israel, the current political area known as the West Bank, the biblical lands of Yisrael.  My base waslocated down the road and around the mountain from the ancient city of Shehem, or Nablus in English. From the middle of October, following my draft's ascension to the Tzanhanim brigade itself, we were stationed in Shehem. It was our "kav" assignment,...
Friday Jan 13, 2012
The car horns went off all around us, the drivers offering their encouragement for us to press on for the final leg of our journey. We were in our fifteenth hour of the hike. The sun had risen hours ago, loosening up our limbs from the frigid night and awakening a newfound enthusiasm we all desperately needed to finish the ordeal.   At five in the afternoon on Monday, I started my masa kumtah, the beret hike. It’s the...
Sunday Nov 13, 2011
A friend of mine recently went skydiving back in the States.  She excitedly posted it on Facebook and received a comment, “why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”  That’s a fair question--for someone doing it for sport and thrills.  Then there are those of us who do it because it is our job, because we decided to come to Israel, sign up for the IDF, and get into Tzanchanim, the...
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