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Friday Nov 23, 2012
    What a difference a day makes.    I had started writing a blog post on Tuesday evening about what life was like in Tel Aviv when the rockets were falling and I had every intention of finishing it on Wednesday. But then at noon on Wednesday things changed. Things changed in a way that I just couldn't comprehend. Just when we thought the rockets had started to burst the bubble, the bus that exploded in...
Wednesday May 16, 2012
  While I don't usually talk about future events, there is one special event taking place next that I wanted to mention. The event will be taking palce next Monday (May 21) to raise money for a unique sailing club that helps fund a hostel for disadvantaged children.    Last year I was lucky enough to personally spend some time with team at the Blue Wave sailing club that works very closely with the Ben Galim Hostel in Herzilya and...
Friday May 11, 2012
  I don't like to brag, but last week I had a one of those Tel Aviv experiences that I will never forget. I mean it wasn't your standard Tel Aviv experience, especially as it involved snapping away at politicians (recently-retired Tzipi Livni being one of them), rubbing shoulders with a few Israeli celebrities, meeting my favorite adult entertainment star and watching an advance preview of the sequel to one of the films that defined...
Friday Apr 27, 2012
  I am also a sucker for all the cheesiness of Independence Day and Remembrance Day and I love the fact that you can feel that something special is in the air. This year I was able to fully take advantage of all that was on offer. While I enjoyed going out and partying on the Wednesday night, my favorite thing was all the barbecues and outdoor activities going on during the day on Thursday. The atmosphere in Tel Aviv on the night of Yom...
Tuesday Mar 27, 2012
  Just when I think that Tel Aviv can't surprise me with its energy and thirst for culture it goes and pulls out all the stops. This weekend saw the launch of Tel Aviv's Art Year with an array of different events including galleries being open all night, special performances and various opportunities to meet artists. I know it sounds as if I am advertising for them but I genuinely was very impressed by what I saw. I met my roommate Sam at...
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