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Monday Aug 04, 2014
      "Who is it?"   The door opened slowly, deliberately, and in the doorway was a well-kept lady in her seventies.   "Who is it?" she asked again, this time with urgency.   And yet, with humility.   She was looking directly at me. I was wearing my neon orange vest, and in my hand, a bright red EMT bag.   "Uh, I’m with EMS," I answered somewhat confused.   "Oh...
Thursday Jul 31, 2014
  “I give thanks before you, King, living and eternal, for you have returned within me my soul with compassion - abundant is your faithfulness,” I whispered as I drove through the empty streets.   Jerusalem in the early morning mid-spring: nothing quite like it. Israelis are early risers no doubt, but the streets are still relatively calm at 0630. The noisy bakery trucks have already made their rounds, leaving the birds to...
Monday Jul 28, 2014
  “Silly American!” I thought as I ran towards my bike. My screen read;   “Allergic reaction – 20 Year old male – conference call with 100/Police”   “Conference call?!” you ask.   “Why should EMS call Police?” you wonder.   Answer = Silly American.   Ladies and Gentleman of the United States, United Kingdom and the Philippines.   The number for the...
Thursday Jul 24, 2014
  T'was early evening in the Shmeel residence, and the hero of our story was doing what he does best: bath time. Kids screaming, bubbles flying, beeper beeping, baby crying, and water splashing; pretty much a normal day.   “Beeper beeping?” did I hear you say.   “Indeed I did. And wouldn't you like to know what it said.”   “Indeed I do sir; please sir, what did the beeper say?”  ...
Monday Jul 21, 2014
    The beeper told me that he had a pacemaker;   That means he has a cardiac history.   The beeper told me that he was 58 years old;   That means he was too young to die.   The beeper told me that it was 07:00am;   That means he was probably dead.     What I didn't know, was that his widow would be inconsolable.   What I didn't know, was that he would end his life, as he had lived it –...
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