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Monday Jul 21, 2014
    The beeper told me that he had a pacemaker;   That means he has a cardiac history.   The beeper told me that he was 58 years old;   That means he was too young to die.   The beeper told me that it was 07:00am;   That means he was probably dead.     What I didn't know, was that his widow would be inconsolable.   What I didn't know, was that he would end his life, as he had lived it –...
Thursday Jul 17, 2014
  It was a terrifying sight.   I knew why I was there and what needed to be done and yet I found myself shocked, and advancing - but only in slow motion.   Utter devastation, and in such close proximity to the holiest place on earth.   In the background, the Western Wall (Kotel), eternal and proud.   In the foreground, the shell of a bombed out bus; black with soot, smoke billowing from where windows once were. Charred...
Monday Jul 14, 2014
  Do’s and Don'ts of talking to an ambulance driver or any member of the EMS services, who has come to help you, because you have called an emergency number and initiated emergency medical protocol, because you were of the opinion that an emergency was taking place; that something dangerous or bad was happening to yourself or a loved one.   I can't say emergency enough, and you’ll soon find out why.   So when I come to...
Thursday Jul 10, 2014
  The first thing I noticed, as I ran into the dark, dank and dirty building, was a bloody handprint on the wall of the stairwell. Not just one – but several. Some quite faint, others frighteningly clear. I ran, swiftly but cautiously, until I reached the 5th and top floor. The smell hit me immediately, strong, metallic. Seconds later my eyes beheld the most horrible devastation of my young career.   Blood.   Everywhere....
Monday Jul 07, 2014
    It has been said that there are two rules in EMS; Rule number one, is that some of your patients will die. Rule number two, is that you can’t change rule number one.   Another pronouncement, this time authored by yours truly, is that; “Anything can happen, at any time, to anyone.”   That all sounds a bit morbid though.   On a (slightly) lighter note, I have begun to notice that some types of...
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