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Thursday Jan 23, 2014
      The recent outcry over BDS and Open Hillel has led to a debate over the type of environment that the Jewish community wants to promote. On the one hand, Jews like Hillel’s president Eric Fingerhut argue that certain lines must be drawn. Criticism of Israel, he argues, is where the Jewish community should draw the line. On the other hand, many younger American Jews believe that the Jewish community should embrace its...
Thursday Sep 05, 2013
  Among the many arguments that we’ve heard against military intervention in Syria is the claim that, even if Assad ceases to use chemical weapons, he will continue to kill countless innocent people with conventional arms anyway. After all, more than 100,000 Syrians have already been killed in the conflict, and the overwhelming majority of the deaths were not by chemicals. Which begs the question: why did President Obama say...
Friday Aug 30, 2013
    Two years ago, a friend of mine published an article in The Beacon about the need for our society to change the way it approaches Holocaust education. Many who read the article grossly misinterpreted the authors point, and thought that he intended to belittle the Holocaust and forget its victims. The real intent of the article, however, was to criticize the current approach to Holocaust education, which sometimes...
Sunday Feb 17, 2013
    My friend and I walked out of a comedy club on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and couldn’t stop thinking about the good time we’d just had. The humor, though raunchy and offensive at times, was all we needed after a long week of work. As I have often noticed at this particular comedy club, nearly every one of the performing comedians was Jewish, which was revealed one way or another through the jokes. I’ve...
Tuesday Feb 05, 2013
    My friend tossed aside his application to join the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), a program that trains college students to become officers in the U.S. military. “I can’t do that to my parents,” he solemnly told me. My friend had recently interned with a local congresswoman, and the experience piqued his interest in public service. But after his parents got wind of his plans to enroll in basic training,...
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