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Police and Thieves

Tuesday Apr 22, 2014
  The morning after organized crime figure Charlie Abutbul was found dead from a (self-inflicted?) gunshot wound to the head in his Netanya home, a conspiracy began forming on a WhatsApp group for Israeli crime reporters. The first salvo was sent out by a reporter from an Israeli TV channel, who said the family doesn’t want the press to cover the funeral, and maybe we could all agree not to go. He was answered by a well-known radio...
Thursday Feb 20, 2014
It was a hot mic moment, even if police did invite the reporter to the event to begin with.   On Tuesday, during a visit to the Ayalon subdistict headquarters in Holon, Israel Police Chief Inspector General Yochanan Danino started firing in all directions, mainly at the press and how they've handled the recent wave of underworld killings in Israel.   “You turn on the radio in the morning and you hear there's an emergency...
Tuesday Feb 04, 2014
  On Monday night the Israeli public was treated to amateur video of a car engulfed in 10-foot high flames, as a man screams out “Shema Yisrael” while he’s burned alive in the middle of a quiet suburban street.   (Police crime scene investigators at the site of the car bombing in Petah Tikva on Monday morning - Credit: Magen David Adom)   The explosion that left two men dead in Petah Tikva on Monday morning was...
Monday Dec 09, 2013
  Sharon police Commander Kobi Shabtai had barely made his introduction to reporters at the sub-district headquarters in Kfar Saba on Monday morning, when he started to come under fire.     (Commander Kobi Shabtai at his headquarters on Monday. Photo: Ben Hartman)   “The police don’t pay any attention to us, you don’t give us access like the Hebrew press”, said a female reporter for a major Arabic...
Tuesday Dec 03, 2013
  In case you were worried, Dror Alperon will be marrying his fiancée Tuesday night, less than a week after he was arrested in connection to a double murder in Petah Tikva in June.   Dror, his aunt Haya, and his cousin Reuben Partush have all been released, and by the end of the week the remaining two suspects Eli Partush and Asher Gini also stand to be set free.       The police case against the suspects is a...
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