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Friday Jun 06, 2014
    Somebody’s dog won’t shut the f*** up, and some fool – let’s call him Amichai – keeps dropping in and out of the conference call, bringing things to a halt each time.     Once a week or so the Israel Police hold a conference call with crime reporters from all the national outlets. It’s usually when a big story breaks, or before a gag order is lifted, and they want to make sure...
Thursday May 15, 2014
  No one knows how long the bombs were stashed at the school, but it could have been weeks, maybe longer, that hundreds of kids passed through the school none the wiser.  The weapons were stashed in a closet inside a classroom that hadn't been used for sometime. It was a serious haul: 13 mortar shells, three rifles, incendiary flares, and sacks filled with hundreds of rounds of .99 ammunition. The arsenal was found in Abu Snan only a...
Friday May 09, 2014
    Carmi Gillon is not impressed. Following a series of “Price Tag” attacks (acts of vandalism or violence directed at Arabs, often in response to Israeli government policy in the Palestinian Territories) within the Green Line, the former Shin Bet Chief said Israel could stop the attacks if the authorities really wanted to and that like the agency dealt with the Jewish underground when he was in charge, they could do...
Tuesday Apr 22, 2014
  The morning after organized crime figure Charlie Abutbul was found dead from a (self-inflicted?) gunshot wound to the head in his Netanya home, a conspiracy began to form on a WhatsApp group for Israeli crime reporters. The first salvo was sent out by a reporter from an Israeli TV channel, who said the family doesn’t want the press to cover the funeral, and maybe we could all agree not to go. He was answered by a well-known radio...
Thursday Feb 20, 2014
It was a hot mic moment, even if police did invite the reporter to the event to begin with.   On Tuesday, during a visit to the Ayalon subdistict headquarters in Holon, Israel Police Chief Inspector General Yochanan Danino started firing in all directions, mainly at the press and how they've handled the recent wave of underworld killings in Israel.   “You turn on the radio in the morning and you hear there's an emergency...
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