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Thursday Mar 15, 2012
The readers of this blog aren’t used to the vitriol that so characterizes some segments of the ultra-orthodox community.  So let me provide one example of something so outrageous, that it can only be used for illustration.   Hasidic oriented websites have spent the last 48 hours covering the death and funeral of the grandfather of Hasidic rabbis, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Hagar, who was interred yesterday.  But these sites...
Tuesday Mar 06, 2012
  This morning I received a call from a bereaved parent.  Following the death of his infant child, he read ITIM’s Report on Burial and Mourning, submitted to the Knesset last week, and written about in today’s Jerusalem Post.  There is very little halacha connected with mourning rites for stillborns or children who die before reaching 30 days.  Jewish tradition needs to balance the needs of the family to move...
Thursday Feb 16, 2012
  Israel’s Supreme Rabbinical Court has ceased to function. The reason this week is that one of the four judges presently on the court is sick (and two of them – the two chief rabbis – are not supposed to sit on the same bench).   But why, you may ask, are there only four judges on a court that is supposed to be made up of nine judges.    The answer: a not so frivolous lawsuit which is challenging...
Thursday Jan 26, 2012
Well, the statistics are out, and what they show about Jewish life in Israel is nothing short of remarkable.  Notwithstanding all the negative press, and taking into account all the animosity toward the ultra-orthodox community, Israeli Jews still want to live “Jewish.” Today(Thursday), the Avi Chai Foundation published its third comprehensive study on Jewish life patterns in Israel.  ITIM: The Jewish Life Information...
Thursday Jan 05, 2012
Another headline about excluding women:  The annual conference of the Puah Institute, which addresses medical advances in gynecology, has refused to allow women to speak publically, and thus, a number of medical professionals have withdrawn their papers. Now, it may seem absurd to have a conference on women’s health issues and not have women speak.  But the conference organizers have chosen to cast their net to the right wing....
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