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Tuesday Jan 08, 2013
    As the Jerusalem Post reported last week, ITIM (Resources and Advocacy for Jewish Life) scored a victory on behalf of women’s rights around Israel last week, when the Israeli Chief rabbi, Yonah Metzger, agreed to publicize a decision that empowers women to testify in marriage registration bureaus on issues relating to personal status.    The background to the story is that ITIM’s office received a set of phone...
Thursday Sep 20, 2012
AS the mob calmed down outside US embassies in Benghazi and Cairo, a quieter calm was descending over Northern Israel as Haim Hefer was laid to rest. The country took pause – if only for a moment – to honor one of Israel’s cultural heroes – who was a fighter for the fledgling State, a writer, poet, and cultural critic. Hefer’s death, or perhaps more accurately one episode in his life, clearly accentuates how far...
Sunday Jul 01, 2012
  You may have read this week that the American Jewish Committee called on the Israeli government to reform the institution of the Chief Rabbinate.   Many would agree with their statement that “In the 21st century, a coercive Chief Rabbinate has become, at best, an anachronism, and, at worst, a force dividing the Jewish people. The role of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate requires significant modifications so as to bring...
Tuesday Jun 19, 2012
Several months ago, an infant in New York died from herpes after his brit mila.  According to the medical report, there is a possibility that the child contracted the disease because the mohel practiced a ritual called metziza bapeh, an ancient practice of bloodletting whereby the mohel directly sucks blood from the circumcision wound.   Now a New York medical board is recommending that all mohalim who engage in metziza b’peh...
Thursday May 17, 2012
Are the Jewish People User Freindly?   This blog asks the question somewhat forcefully:   With Shavuot approaching, it’s time to question what Jewish peoplehood really means.  There aren’t that many of us, and we just have to be honest: many of those who identify with the Jewish people and see themselves as part of us, do not meet the halachic criteria of Jewishness.   Ruth also wasn’t exactly part of the...
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