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Saturday Dec 01, 2012
  John McCain tried to upstage Joe Lieberman at the party in honor of the latter’s retirement held at Ambassador Michael Oren’s residence on Thursday night. The Republican senator made a valiant effort, starting off with the “major announcement,” as he put it, that he’d be converting to Judaism.   The decision didn’t come out of any great love for the religion, he hastened to tell an audience whose...
Monday Nov 26, 2012
Q: What goes MEWMDFZ-clunk?   A: International attempts to create a non-nuclear Middle East, of course.   That wasn't the tryptophan from leftover turkey talking. It wasn't even a joke. The noise MEWMDFZ was an acronym falling off of the United Nations, and hitting the State Department on its descent.   On Friday, while most of us were recovering from Thursday night, State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland announced that...
Wednesday Nov 14, 2012
  Some in the Jewish community have been worried that President Obama would change his tune toward Israel following re-election, the theory being that he would have been freed from “electoral constraints.” It’s too early, of course, to tell how he will treat Bibi, what he’ll demand on the peace process, how strong a line he’ll take on settlements, and the plethora of other issues ripe for tensions between the...
Thursday Nov 08, 2012
  Reading over the list of foreign leaders whom President Obama called Thursday about his victory reminded me of scanning the call-back sheet for a high school play or the names of the kids who had been invited to a popular fifth-grader’s birthday party. Basically, who made the cut?   And lo and behold, Prime Minister Netanyahu was among those who did.   The common denominator of these calls was the ability of the White...
Monday Nov 05, 2012
  Applying for press credentials for the Romney campaign’s Election Night party Tuesday gave me some insight into how the former private equity CEO managed to run such a successful financial ship. For the first time in my dozen-year reporting career, I was asked to pay for a credential.   Of course, it wasn’t phrased directly as a fee for the right to observe a news event; it was listed as the payment needed for wifi, power...
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