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Thursday Aug 14, 2014
  A member of the governing Likud party and a long-time rival of its chairman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Moshe Feiglin currently serves as the Knesset's (Israeli parliament) deputy speaker. An advocate of personal liberty and self-identified libertarian on domestic policy, he's also a hawk who makes headlines with his hard-line stance toward Palestinians. Feiglin has been vocal supporter of Israel's current military operation in...
Tuesday May 20, 2014
  Israel has been on the hi-tech map for over a decade now and its reputation as a dynamic powerhouse in the tech domain was strengthened in recent years after US giants such as Facebook, Apple and Google opened up R&D centers across the country.   The rise of global 3D printing ventures has made Israel one of the leading hubs in the field of additivemanufacturing, 3D printing and its many subsections.   Stratasys, 3D Systems...
Tuesday Feb 04, 2014
    Barry Rubin was one of a few thinkers who could intuitively connect the dots of a variety of political and social events both in the West and in the Middle East and arrive at an insightful and fascinating theory. But theorizing aside, more often than not, he was right. Rubin's vast knowledge of the Middle East coupled with razor-sharp incisiveness was a potent combination,  unmatched by most of his contemporaries.   His...
Thursday Dec 19, 2013
Israel is a diverse country with a wide array of opinions on a given topic, but when it comes to Moshe Feiglin, the gushing is universal: the ultra-orthodox oppose him for his opposition to religious parties, the left oppose him for his capitalism and centrality of Judaism in nation-forming and the political center find his views too radical altogether.   With his calm and eloquent demeanor, it is not obvious why Moshe Feiglin is one of the...
Tuesday Apr 09, 2013
      Anjem Choudary a British-born spokesman for Islam4UK visited Finland recently where he spoke at an undisclosed location. As the name of the organization suggests, Choudary advocates for the implementation of Sharia law in the UK.    The coverage of Choudary's visit in the Finnish media was predictable. Mikael Pentikainen, the editor-in-chief of the largest Finnish daily simply tweeted that Choudary is a clown. By...
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