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Life After 50

Thursday Jan 03, 2013
  In November, the women of America spoke with a voice that was loud, clear and unified, and it is now universally acknowledged that our votes helped President Obama win the election.   President Obama and his team worked very hard to convince us that he needed more time to 'be the change'. In the end, even in the face of severe economic problems and worrisome doubt about his abilities to push America back from the brink, we gave it to...
Thursday Apr 19, 2012
  We're all aging. And this much I've figured out: The challenge isn't how to stop it. It's how to do it.   When I turned 50 a few years ago, it became unnervingly clear that changes had to be made. Post-menopausal pounds were creeping on, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were rising, I wasn't moving my body enough and my energy was waning. All of this was making me feel invisible, old and ready to give up -- believing aging...
Monday Apr 02, 2012
  It's so easy to get overwhelmed.   A plan to lose weight, start a fitness program, save money, spend more time volunteering, get out the door faster every morning -- or do anything new -- can be stymied before you even start... if it seems too difficult to achieve. Like most of us, you'll be tempted to just give up.   But don't.   There's a simple solution to streamlining your goals, plans, even beauty routines, so you...
Sunday Feb 19, 2012
  Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested. - Elizabeth I   Here's a very common scenario -- and dilemma -- for many men and women in midlife: Let's say you were married for a few years, or even decades. Then, came the divorce (or the death of your partner). After a period of time you start dating again, and one person in particular has grabbed a share of your heart more than the others. You see...
Tuesday Jan 17, 2012
  If I only knew then what I know now.   I try to avoid thinking that because it reeks of regret. However, I find myself saying it often... mostly to women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Why? Because, as Shakespeare once wrote, "What's past is prologue" and what we do (or don't do) in our younger years will have a huge impact on how we look and feel by the time we enter our 50s. Our earlier choices and decisions can also affect...
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