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Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
You expect it from CNN. You expect it from the Arabs. You expect it from Jew-hating Jews. But you don’t expect it from a Jewish newspaper.    You don’t expect to see the brutal terrorist abduction and murder of three teenage boys described in this fashion in a Jewish newspaper:   "On Thursday night, July 3, a community-wide memorial service was held at Minyan Ohr Chadash for Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel, and...
Thursday Feb 20, 2014
      What do you do when you’re a working mom (as most moms in Israel are) and your child plays sick? As a full-time writer at Kars4Kids, I'm often confronted with that all too common early morning decision: is my child really sick or is he faking?   It’s a fact of life: children get sick. Going to school means coming into contact with other children and lots and lots of germs. Exposure to illness...
Thursday Jan 23, 2014
  Keren Claster, a 32 year-old mother of four who lives in Efrat has started a group to raise awareness of and to combat bullying in local schools. The group is called HaZchut L’Chavod, “The right to respect.” I became curious about the group on a professional level since I work for an organization that funds educational initiatives for children, Kars for Kids, and on a personal level as well, as a mother of many children...
Thursday Dec 05, 2013
At our first parent teacher meeting on behalf of our son, then in first grade, now 17, the teacher addressed our many concerns but kept coming back to a single question, “Does he leave for school with a smile on his face? That’s the most important thing.” I thought of this when I saw the newest report put out by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) which rates 15 year-olds in 65 countries for their knowledge...
Wednesday May 29, 2013
  Back in the day, the popular kids wore popcorn tops. My mother wouldn’t let me buy one. With good reason. It was a style that would not have flattered me.  But I didn’t let up. All my friends were wearing popcorn tops. I had to have one or . . . what? Looking back at that small moment from my life of 52 years, I struggle to understand what my sense of urgency, back then, was really about.    I think of those...
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