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Tuesday Jan 15, 2013
    Following is a response by UK Prime Minister David Cameron on January 15, 2013 to my open letter to him of December 20, 2012:   10 DOWNING STREET LONDON SW1A 2AA. THE PRIME MINISTER 15 January 2013   Dear Mr. Koch:   Thank you for getting in touch and for sending me a copy of your recent article, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.   Let me reassure you that the UK, is and will remain a firm friend of...
Thursday Jan 03, 2013
  In his December 26 New York Times editorial, Tom Friedman wrote in support of former US Senator Chuck Hagel and the possibility that he will be chosen by President Barack Obama as Secretary of Defense. He stated: "So, yes, Hagel is out of the mainstream. That is exactly why his voice would be valuable right now. Obama will still make all the final calls, but let him do so after having heard all the alternatives." By "...
Wednesday Dec 26, 2012
    The war against the Jews – and against the State of Israel – continues unabated. For the past year, Israel has been subjected to rocket bombardments directed at its cities including Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. A million Israeli civilians in Southern Israel had their lives disrupted as 8,000 rockets rained down on them since 2005. The Israeli government decided to respond militarily against Hamas which governs Gaza and has...
Wednesday Dec 19, 2012
    Twenty defenseless children, ages six and seven, along with six of their teachers and school administrators, were murdered by a young man, himself 20 years old, who before committing these despicable crimes, murdered his mother, shooting her in the face several times.   Without knowing any more about the murderer, Adam Lanza, I think we can all agree he was emotionally disturbed, and mentally ill. If he had lived, in order to...
Friday Nov 02, 2012
  On Sunday, October 28, at 4:00 p.m., I joined the parishioners at St. James Cathedral Basilica in Brooklyn in honoring my friend and their fellow congregant, Frank Macchiarola. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI had bestowed upon Frank the Papal Honor of Knight Commander of the Holy Order of St. Gregory the Great. Frank had been the Chancellor of the Board of Education appointed by me in 1978, and I believe he is the best chancellor to have...
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