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Jewish Sex and the City

Sunday Feb 12, 2012
 I mean... Is it MY fault that you can't put 2+2 together ?? Did I CREATE your lack of intellect ? Have I somehow CONTRIBUTED to the abundance of vacuous, NEGATIVE space inside your frontal lobe ?? What do you WANT FROM ME ?? I'm just the FREAKIN' MESSENGER !!! And... FURTHERMORE..... I HAVE TRIED... (admittedly TRY is a weak word!) Nonetheless, I HAVE !!! I've dragged your clueless ass to libraries and theaters and...
Thursday Feb 09, 2012
And Eve said to Adam...     "Take a freakin' bite already !!" "What's the worst possible thing that can happen ??" Eve, we hear,  had never been long on patience... PATIENCE was NOT her virtue,,,, Adam considered the RED, JUICY APPLE which Eve held out to him so 'unabashedly'..... ***Interesting to note that EVE WAS BUCK NACKED at this point..... Yet Adam was focused on the APPLE !! Huh ??! "Well...
Wednesday Feb 08, 2012
Color..... It's EVERYWHERE ! undeniable....non negotiable COLOR... SO VIBRANT that you can actually TOUCH it.... even SMELL it.... The challenge, my friends, is to RECOGNIZE it... to see COLOR as the grouting which splices together the MOSAIC of your life... It is neither GRAY... nor simply UTILITARIAN.... It is the MATTER.... the SACRED SPACE.... the connective tissue.... Somewhat difficult for me to verbalize... yet CRUCIAL in its...
Sunday Feb 05, 2012
TOBY GOTESMAN SCHNEIER PAINTINGS on exhibit in Edgewater ... " Be Mine at Bisou " Monday, Feb 6th 11AM thru Tuesday, Feb 7th 8:30 PM 725 RIVER ROAD EDGEWATER, New Jersey rsvp
Saturday Feb 04, 2012
  Can we CO EXIST with the "Enemy" ?   So... Where EXACTLY does one draw the line ? What constitutes "ENEMY" ? Can we EVER put our cultural and ethnic beliefs ASIDE... in order to CO EXIST ? even for but a moment ? In this MODERN world,  do even BIBLICAL FOES continue to plague our sense of SECURITY ? What does one DO when faced with a 'startlingly obvious' 'difference of opinion' ? Let me put it very SIMPLY...
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