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Thursday Dec 20, 2012
The past hundred years have seen an explosion of technologies that connect us to each other from the telephone and airplane to the internet and social media. One thing that they all have in common is the need for electricity. The more connected we get, the hungrier we are for power.   While we have gotten used to being connected all the time, Hurricane Sandy showed us that when you shut down the power, you shut down our connection to the...
Sunday Dec 09, 2012
Living in Israel means living with the juxtaposition of cutting edge new technologies and ancient wisdom, rights and rituals.  In the midst of Hannuka- my family will be at events running the gamut from Tel Avi street theater to the biblical nature reserve at Neot Kedumim.  Neot Kedumim deserves special mention because there is literally no other place like it on earth. Neot Kedumim is 624-acre reserve located in the heart of Hannuka...
Thursday Nov 15, 2012
Over 130 entrepreneurs were evacuated from Beer-Sheva's first Startup Weekend event.   Guest Post Moran Bar and Yaniv Feldman via Newsgeek Moran and Yaniv are Co-Organizers of Startup Weekend events in Israel   We never thought this is how we will start nor end what should have the ultimate entrepreneurship experience. We have been traveling with Startup Weekend among the different cities of Israel, including Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel-...
Wednesday Nov 14, 2012
Every time you go to a new site and want to understand the service that they are providing, chances are that you will watch a short animated video instead of clicking around and reading the text on the page.  We all watch them, but most of us don't give much thought as to what goes into them.  While videos give short, clear, and simple explanations of a service - they can be difficult and expensive to create.  Most people don...
Friday Oct 05, 2012
Don’t call me, I won’t call you.  Seriously… I won’t- so don't bother.  It's not personal and I am not trying to be  obtuse or difficult, but calling is just something that I don’t do anymore unless I really have to.  If you want me, you can ping me online.   Tweet me and I will tweet you back, like me, ping me, post it, chat and I will be there- happy to respond.  Just don't make me...
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