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Wednesday Jul 18, 2012
Hours ago, I was at the computer giggling, putting the finishing touches on a post explaining why I want to be like comedienne Sarah Silverman. I was feeling very bold and brave as I pressed “publish;” even daring with my mind anonymous internet lunatics to post crazy biblically-inspired apocalyptic remarks in the comments section. This was going to be fun. Agitated a bit by the screaming headlines about the unrest in Syria, I...
Friday Jun 01, 2012
  Do not move to a non-English speaking country if you are proud. Until you master the native language, you spend most of your interactions with locals looking or acting like the village idiot.    This is particularly challenging for individuals who are serial blushers, are easily mortified, or whom would rather die than be singled out in a crowd.   Now, since I have been singled out in a crowd for pretty much as far back as...
Thursday May 24, 2012
  Every once in a while, someone says to me, “I don’t know how you do it – work full time, parent, and still have the energy to blog.”   I smile bashfully (but secretly pleased), and explain that “writing is not a choice for me.” I’m compulsive. When I get an idea into my head, I can’t move forward until it’s on the page. Writing offers me relief.   Additionally, I’m the...
Sunday May 06, 2012
Just before sitting down to write this blog (that's been itching inside me for days), I read fellow blogger Rebecca Bermeister's latest entry in her "Aliya Journal," also featured on The Jerusalem Post. She writes that her brother gave her some sage advice before making aliya. He told her:   "You can't change them, so don't try."   My first immediate reaction when I read her words was to chuckle and think to myself...
Tuesday May 01, 2012
  When I first moved to Israel, before I got my full-time job, I started networking in search of freelance writing work. I had already started blogging about my aliya experience and had gotten positive feedback from both friends and colleagues. One of my colleagues suggested I reach out to, a new blog for Jewish parents, thinking they would be interested in syndicating my column or writing a similar one. I wrote to the...
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