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Israeli companies at Mobile World Congress 2013

Never mind the political corruption, scandals, royal embezzlement or 55% youth unemployment in Spain. This week, 70,000 attendees will descend on Barcelona for the annual mobile techie Fiesta known as the Mobile World Congress. Among the 1500 exhibitors, more than 10% are from Israel, the third largest contingent of any country at the show. You can learn more about the exhibitors below. 



Accel Telecom
Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Next generation connected-car systems for wireless operators


Aerotel Medical Systems
Hall 5 Stand 5H70
Modular, home and mobile telecare and telemedicine solutions


Allot Communications
Hall 5 Stand 5I70
IP service optimization of over-the-top Internet traffic in fixed and mobile broadband


Altair Semiconductor
Hall 5 Stand 5MR4
Ultra-low power, small footprint 4G chips for LTE


Hall 3, Stand 3B74
Provides BSS, OSS and network control product portfolio with professional services and managed services


AMOS - Spacecom
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Satellite operator delivering broadband and broadcasting services to Africa, Europe,  Middle East and US


Anywhere Software
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Mobile development tools, including Basic4android to develop native Android applications


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Software house for mobile, web and new media applications across mobile platforms


Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Advanced Voice over IP and converged VoIP and Data networking products for Service Providers and Enterprises


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
FREE ROAMING solution in 165 countries; App-less mobile voice, SMS & data

Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Social dialer & Caller ID with real-time, relevant info & tools


Hall 2 Stand 5D50
Drag & drop service creation environment to create  a supporting BSS flow for any VAS quickly and without coding


Hall 6 Stand 6D65
Mobile data extraction & analysis


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Fabless semiconductor company with GPS/GNSS IP licensing and design for location and navigation


Cellint Traffic Solutions
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Road traffic solutions for mobile operators, governments, traffic integrators and navigation providers


CellO (Cellvine & Optiway)
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Solutions to enhance wireless coverage for cellular broadband customers


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Multi-persona solution for smart mobile deviceswith lightweight virualtization technology


App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1B10
Home Screen Marketing for mobile operators


Hall 5 Stand 5F11
Backhaul optimization to maximize network capacity, increase network efficiency and improve transmission

Hall 5 Stand 5G50
Wireless backhaul optimization to expand capacity, reduce TCO and cut time to revenue


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Cellular radio access for indoor and outdoor coverage


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Advanced Smart TV platform across devices, middleware for Android-based STBs and backend server


Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Remote access over mobile devices


Hall 3 Stand 128
Telecom business enablement solutions through a portfolio of BSS, Mobile Internet, VAS, IP Communications and Professional Services


Hall 7 Stand 7E102
Provides Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Sales Performance Management and Pricing Analytics solutions for Telecom Operators


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Real-time traffic information by monitoring  location and movement of phones and GPS devices


Definiti Media
Hall 2 Stand 2D50
ales Side Platform (SSP) for mobile publishers to manage and optimize ad impression inventory


Digital Turbine Logia
Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Content development & management for white-label app/media stores


Discretix Technologies Ltd.
Hall 2 Stand 2A70
Embedded security and DRM to securely deploy premium content across devices


App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1M20,Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Social games, based on gambling formats, for smartphones and tablets


DSP Group (DSPG)
Hall 2 Stand 2MR94
Wireless chipset solutions for converged communications


Echo Tubez
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
"Personal radiation protection" solutions for cellular phone users through accessories


Ethernity Networks
Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Carrier grade multi-service fabric flow processor supporting any form of data


Exent Technologies
Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Games on Demand across platforms through all-you-can-play subscription and free, ad supported offerings


eyeSight Mobile
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
esture recognition technology, powering touch-free UI solutions


Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Integrated access systems and solutions for carriers, service providers and mobile operators


Flash Networks
Hall 5 Stand 5G90
Mobile Internet optimization and monetization solutions with in-depth traffic and user analytics


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Live & Interactive mobile video Streaming as a Service (SaaS)


Hall 5 Stand 5I60
RF over Fiber solutions for integration into any building of any size


Friendly Technologies
Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Optimized device and customer experience management solutions for fixed and mobile operators


Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Convergent charging, billing and policy control solutions


Gama Operations Ltd
Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Encrypted and Secure VoIP , IP-PBXs and Remote extensions


Ginger Software
Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Voice recognition with writing assistance and virtual personal assistant


GoNet Systems
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Outdoor WiFi solutions to carriers for 3G data offload and Wi-Fi access applications


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Wireless enabled driver performance and vehicle management for safety and ecology


Hermon Laboratories TI
Hall 6 Stand 6F53
Compliance testing for chip manufacturers, terminal OEMs, test labs and network providers


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Mobile and web based device to address sleep disorder


Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Personalized video solutions for enterprises


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Allows website owners to quickly create mobile optimized browsing environments


Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Integrated web software to address mobile marketing requirements of businesses


Inneractive Ltd
App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1G16MR
Mobile advertising exchange


Hall 2 Stand 2D50<
Dynamic and automatic management of mobile radio networks


Hall 2 Stand 2MR114
Fabless IC company specializing in Natural User Interface


IPgallery Inc
Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Unified Communication Applications, Services and Core Switching for Communication Service Providers


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Biometric and face authentication systems for mobile commerce, banking and sensitive services


Jacada Europe
Hall 5 Stand 5H70
Integrated systems for advanced customer and agent interactions via process optimization tools


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Self-service platform for the production of rich-media and interactive ads


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Kids' mobile platform to turn Smartphones and tablets into safe, rich media environments


Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Low cost direct or translated calls to over 100 countries in 12 languages


Hall 7 Stand 7D41
Health delivery platform monitoring more than 300,000 patients per year


Magic Software
Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Application development and integration for enterprise business processes


Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Mobile VoIP cloud solution


MARS Antennas & RF Systems
Hall 6 Stand 6D130
Antenna design and manufacturer, RF solutions provider and R&D company


MassiveImpact Ltd.
App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1B50
Mobile ad network focused on performance advertising with leadership in Asia Pacific


App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1B48
Performance-based advertising across affiliate, display, mobile, search and virutal currency

Hall 5 Stand 5I84
End-to-end digital services offering for mobile operators and service providers


MCE Systems
Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Tools for retail staff to perform sales, service and support services on all mobile devices


MCR Media Group
Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Mobile value added services and online marketing


Mellanox Technologies
Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Supplier of Infiniband and Ethernet interconnect solutions for servers and storage


Mer Telecom
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
VAS for mobile operators including billing, back office and financial services


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Convergent real-time billing, customer care and accounting solutions


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Integrated mobile / web / Facebook platform for intermediaries to provide their SMB / SOHO customers


Mobile Tornado
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Instant communications for workforce management


Mobixell Networks
Hall 5 Stand 5MR82
Mobile video optimization and web acceleration


MTI Wireless Edge
Hall 6 Stand 6C92
High quality, low-cost antenna solutions for both military and commercial markets from 100 KHz to 90 GHz


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Cloud based SaaS enterprise mobility solutions including mobile field and back-office management


NICE Systems
Hall 7 Stand 7MR90
Software solutions to capture unstructured data and enable organizations to take Next-Best-Action


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Speech recognition engine for device-side Smartphones and tablets


Hall 2 Stand 2D 50
Mobile tools for enterprises to measure and analyze employee worktime, attendance and productivity


One Smart Star
Hall 5 Stand 5H70
Enables corporate mobile re-branding through a shortened nickname using the * symbol plus four digits


Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Extends in-building cellular reach and delivers multiple cellular technologies on a single optical fiber


Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Miniature positioning modules and antenna solutions


Hall 2 Stand 2D 50
Transparent caching platform provides scalable OTT Video, Media, P2P, and Web caching solutions


Perfecto Mobile
Hall 2 Stand 2D 50
Mobile application testing via the web on real phones operating on live mobile networks in 6 countries


Play My Tone
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Analyzes and extracts meaningful characteristic from any music track in real-time


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Control your TV, PC, All-in-One or mobile device through simple hand gestures using a standard 2D camera "


Hall 5 Stand 5MR88
Real-time, segment-of-one marketing solutions for Communication Service Providers


Hall 2 Stand 2D 50
Creates customized, highly secure and encrypted mobile applications for government, medical and healthcare sectors


RAD Data Communications
Hall 2 Stand 2MR218
Technologies for wireless and fixed line operators to deploy multi-generational backhaul services


Hall 2 Stand 2MR216
Service assurance solutions for communications service providers and equipment vendorsadvision, an Avaya company

Hall 5 Stand 5H70
Voice and video communications over IP and wireless networks, products and technologies


Hall 2 Stand 2MR218
Integrated application delivery and application security solutions for business-smart networking used by enterprises and carriers worldwide


Hall 5 Stand 5H70
Provider of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions deployed by wireless carriers in over 140 countries


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Delivers high quality Live TV and VOD content to PCs and connected devices through the Cloud


RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Leading international distributor of mobile phones, digital cameras and tablets across 128 countries


Runcom Technologies
Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Mobile Wimax products including base stations, user terminals and solutions for operators


Saguna Networks
Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Radio access network acceleration and mobile content delivery on HSPA and LTE networks


Screenovate Technologies
Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Wi-Fi Display service solution for cellular operators and Wi-Fi display connectivity for IC vendors and smartphone OEMs


Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Manufactures professional video recording and transmission systems for the security and transportation sectors


Hall 5 Stand 5H70
Develops milimetric-wave Gigabit Ethernet systems for service providers’ backhaul networks


Silent Communication
Hall 2 Stand 2D 50
Device and network agnostic mobile solutions for network operators, device OEMs and VAS providers


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Software service for telcos to package, distribute and support 3rd party cloud apps as one managed IT suite for SMBs


Snapily / HumanEyes
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Technology to create, display and print in 3D, using 2D cameras


Hall 5 Stand 5I94
Data entry technology for touch-screen mobile devices


all 2 Stand 2D50
Provides faster internet experience via download accelerator, including fastest video downloader and converter


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Automated transfer of static, text-based data into engaging video formats


Telco Systems
Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Creates telecom network solutions for service providers to create an intelligent end-to-end service assured Carrier Ethernet/MPLS network


Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Intelligent and secure messaging solutions over any communication device


App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1C20
Mobile location-based services for mobile operators through integration of local content, community interactions, and relevant offers


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Cloud-based, unrestricted digital media access across multiple platforms through automated synchronization and other processes


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Centralized platform for the management of content, business rules and user experience across devices


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Platform for instant interaction with TV shows, games and ads through the Smartphone


Ubiqam Ltd
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Antenna technology that combines smart RF and DSP for wireless utilization in 3G and 4G relay, repeater and small-cell backhaul


UiU Mobile
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Segmentation platform that delivers Smartphone accessibility enabling end-user tailoring via remote assistance


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Identifes and tracks real-time natural head and eye movements to engage and interact with applications


Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Provider of platforms for mobile network capacity and resource management


Hall 5 Stand 5I70
Large scale mobile and web systems for telecommunication companies, including MoBackup and MoConsole


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Social platform to rank your friends' characteristics and create virtual ID's


Hall 5 Stand 5C56
Partner for content service providers with TV Everywhere, Hybrid TV and content security


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Intellectual property portfolio of over 500 patents and patent applications covering telecom infrastructure, internet search and mobile


Hall 5 Stand 5H70
Technologies leveraging their database of 150 million wifi hotspots for data optimization


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
60 GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets for mobile computing, CE and peripheral markets


Hall 5 Stand 5I60
Advanced mobile micro-location solutions for the security, defense and retail sectors


Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Turns any consumer electronics device with a standard 2D camera into a full-body motion controlled gaming system


Ybrant Mobile
Hall 2 Stand 2D50
Mobile ad network with sales teams in over 20 countries


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Mobile device and network security for organizations based on proactive threat detection

Applications Wall
AMPhealth by Applicat
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Mobile platform for health service providers and HMOs, providing patients with 24/7 healthcare information and services


MPinsure by Applicat
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Tool for insurance companies and customers to manage policies, file claims, locate service providers, access offers, etc


Basic4android by Anywhere Software
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Complete development solution for non-expert programmers to build native Android applications


BeeHD by Radvision (Avaya Company)
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
VoLTE/RCS video communications client, allowing service providers, developers and device manufacturers to launch video calling for all mobile platforms


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Reroutes calls initiated from the mobile based on user location, network connection & destination number dialed


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Dialer & Universal Social Caller ID connecting phones to a universal contact-book


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Multi persona solution for smart mobile devices based on proprietary virtualization technology, enabling separate personas on one device


Craze Digital
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Flixuniverse is a movie streaming App successfully launched on Windows 8 in October 2012


Exent by Exent Technologies
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
A fully-managed subscription or ad-supported service for operators and OEMs to offer all-you-can-play access to Android games across devices


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Comprehensive customer and service provider interaction tools for improved customer service


Hormiga by Applicat
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Mobile field service management and workforce software to help organizations streamline field tasks and activities


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Enables organizations to create cross-channel mobile customer service interactions, allowing a seamless connection to the call center


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Android App enables affordable translated or untranslated calls to over 100 countries in 12 languages and dialects


MADA by Groboot SmarTech
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Android app for medical online information and social networking via the Cloud and on-line storage


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Provides content aggregation, content management and multi-content/screen delivery platforms


Mobile Tornado
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Push to Talk over Cellular with near zero latency, low power consumption and support of wide variety of devices and accessories


moBuynet by CellMedia
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Rich-media mobile advertising for Incoming Call + End Call, Unlock Screen or through a Text + Visual push notification


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Transforms any photo, sketch or video into personal chat emoticons


MultiSearch by CallingID
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Advanced search tool to select applications for search or search simultaneously among apps installed on your device


myLinks by Applicat
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Customizable white label platform which supplies a set of tools for content managers for managing and publishing their content


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Crowd-sourced social networking tool to connect and reward people searching for parking with people leaving parking spots


Pixplit Technologies
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Creative collaboration network where friends create images & photo collages together in a single frame


Place Reminder by CallingID
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Location based services platform that enables continuous operation of LBS applications while preserving battery power


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Allows movies and games to be projected on a large TV, while transforming the phone into a powerful controller, set-top box and game console


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
App for shooting 3D photos using a smartphone's regular camera and ordering 3D prints directly from the app<


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Cmail application for Android mobile devices to improve email UX / UI


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Enables enterprises and consumers secure and encrypted messaging with enhanced multi-media functionality


Trophit by Kankado
all 5 Stand 5I84
Mobile Reward Network using gamification techniques to reward and monetize loyalty activity


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
GPS based audio guided tours in a wide variety of countries and languages


Trippinin by Trippinin
Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Collects, aggregates and analyzes mentions across social media for recommendation engine via mobile app and API


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Personalization of calling including customized greetings, Facebook integration or draw & send personalized notes, designs and photos


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Transforms simple feature phones into multi-media Smartphones at no cost


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Non-technical tool to embed QR codes into any image or advertisement


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Cloud-based and embedded architecture of Text-to-Speech for content creators across smart phones and tablets


Hall 5 Stand 5I84
Video discovery magazine for  iPad and iPhone that matches users' personal taste and preferences

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