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Wednesday Dec 18, 2013
Freedom of speech is an important right, but it is not absolute. Like all other rights, it can at times clash with other fundamental rights. The balance struck between conflicting rights forms part of the fundamental nature of a society. Across the globe different balances have over time been struck, and occasionally adjusted.   Changes to the balance between freedom of expression and other rights are usually the result of dramatic events....
Tuesday Oct 29, 2013
On Sunday Australia's Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, said the antisemitic attack in Sydney last Friday "appears to have developed from a verbal confrontation, and it is a reminder that racial vilification can escalate into racial violence."   Racism on the streets is becoming more acceptable as a result of the lax attitude to hate speech that has developed online and particularly in social media. It may only...
Monday Oct 14, 2013
  Around 75 people attended a protest earlier today outside Facebook’s Offices in California. The protesters were demanding Facebook take positive action to stop the abuse of the Facebook system to spread Holocaust denial and antisemitism. The protest was called by Michael Mendelson out of growing frustration at the lack of positive responsiveness from Facebook to hundreds of reports of hate speech on the social media platform....
Wednesday Sep 11, 2013
Writing this article is probably a bad idea. Challenging the status quo usually is, and least for the person doing the challenging. Something, however, needs to be said. On Yom Kippur Jews around the world will pledge millions in Tzdakah - we need to do so with a little more thought.   Some of Jews give out of a belief that repentance, prayer and charity (Teshuvah, Tefillah and Tzedakah as our prayers that day so often repeat) can change...
Wednesday Apr 24, 2013
With all due respect to Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office, his recent criticism of the Israeli Foreign Ministry over the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism was a mile off target. He expressed concern over senior government officials from Lithuania, Greece, Hungary and Ireland being schedule to deliver addresses at the opening of the conference. In each case he has listed valid concerns about...
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