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Sunday Aug 10, 2014
  In my previous article I discussed social media’s role in spreading anti-Semitism as a tool of war. I discussed the manipulation that was leading to anti-racism activists defending growing antisemitism rather than challenging it. This article looks at another danger, the use of social media to manipulate public perceptions and create support for action that will lead not to a cessations of violence, but to further civilian...
Friday Aug 08, 2014
  While no civilian casualties are good, reports are now emerging that strongly question the number of civilian casualties in Gaza. The BBC’s head of statistics highlighted that the figures presented are highly improbable. He explains that, “some of the conclusions being drawn from them may be premature”. With that, the Hamas’s illusion begins to crack. The reality behind it is far uglier, and far more dangerous,...
Thursday Jul 17, 2014
  Beyond the physical war between Hamas and Israel and another war is raging. This other war is taking place in social media; it’s caught major players like Facebook unprepared, and its caused government officials around the world to quietly express concerns about vilification on social media potentially fuelling violence on the streets in places far removed from the zone of conflict.   In the Jewish Daily Forward, Jay Michaelson...
Thursday May 08, 2014
The Greek Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn now has branches in Australia, and with the help of Social Media, they have connected with the Australian far-right party Australia First. Brought together through social media, the fascists stood side by side at a rally last week in the Australia city of Brisbane. The globalisation of the far-right, facilitated by social media, is deeply concerning.   A new briefing from the Online Hate Prevention...
Wednesday Dec 18, 2013
Freedom of speech is an important right, but it is not absolute. Like all other rights, it can at times clash with other fundamental rights. The balance struck between conflicting rights forms part of the fundamental nature of a society. Across the globe different balances have over time been struck, and occasionally adjusted.   Changes to the balance between freedom of expression and other rights are usually the result of dramatic events....
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