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Wednesday Apr 17, 2013
  By Jamila Mammadova   Photo: Courtesy   On 20 March 2013, Reuters reported on the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin’s, desire to see Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow. Mr. Putin congratulated Mr. Netanyahu over the formation of his new government by sending an invitation letter with no specified dates in it. It has been also reported that the invitation came just before the United States President...
Friday Mar 22, 2013
  (By Yisrael Rosenberg)     President Obama: “Baruch HaBa L’Eretz Yisrael!” - Welcome to the Land of Israel! Ancient Jewish law requires that Jews say a special blessing upon seeing a true leader (“king”) of the nations of the world:   “Blessed is He who gave of His honor to mortal human beings.”   [Source: Shulhan Aruch (“The Set Table”), the Authoritative Code of...
Tuesday Jan 08, 2013
  (By Laura Kelly)   Last Thursday night I was talking to a 17-year-old American boy. The location was a trendy Tel Aviv bar but this story isn’t about underage drinking. Illegality aside, the boy was clearly enamored talking with me. To him Iwas a 25 year-old-woman with adventurous life experience. He asked me what I do in Israel. I smiled and said, “I’m a journalist.”   What I failed to mention is that I...
Wednesday Dec 19, 2012
  (By Laura Rosbrow)   I can’t count the number of terror related articles I have read in the last year about Israel. On the other hand, I’ve probably only read a few dozen articles over the same period of time about Israeli women facing domestic violence.   With this kind of media focus on conflict many Israeli women, myself included, are more afraid of terror than their intimate partners. However, the data reveals...
Tuesday Dec 11, 2012
  (By Timon Dias) During Operation Pillar of Defense, it became clear to me that most Western college students and opinion makers do not despise or loathe Hamas the way it factually deserves. I personally do not understand this, and I know that most Israeli´s don’t understand this either.  Hamas represents everything that postmodern minds would be expected to oppose with vigor. It is an organization of freedom hating,...