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Tuesday Jul 08, 2014
  I attended the HaAretz-sponsored peace conference today.  Many thought that with the outbreak of Hamas rocket-firing that it should have been postponed.  Many who attended admitted the situation was surrealistic.     I think they should have continued with their plans --- it makes them appear more detached-from-reality than I could describe them.   My impressions in jottings, short and concise:   1. The food...
Thursday Jul 03, 2014
  When I was ( along time ago) in 5th grade at PS 135 in Queens, NY, the Herald Tribune, of I recall, had a special school weekly edition of the paper which would go over the stories and pose questions for discussion.  Seems that The New York Times still does that.  At it's web site. Michael Gonchar, at  the paper's "The Learning Network" section, wrote up a unit on 6 Q’s About the News under the title...
Tuesday Jul 01, 2014
  From the diary of the Lincolnshire Regiment which was on Special Service in Palestine during July 15 - December 20th 1936:-     During the month of September, 1936, official sanction was given for the demolition of houses as a punishment for acts of sabotage. Altogether 19 demolitions were carried out by the Battalion, assisted by the Royal Engineers.     This innovation undoubtedly had a dramatic effect and...
Saturday Jun 28, 2014
  If you go here, you can see a video of Dr. Mahmoud al-Habbash, Minister of Islamic Waqf at the Palestinian Authority, being kicked off the Temple Mount by Islamists.   And you go here, you can see a new mosque in the Temple Mount precincts:       Conclusions:   Radical Islamist forces control the Temple Mount.   And there is no status quo there either, no matter what the police claim.   Combined...
Thursday Jun 26, 2014
  Continuing on the subject of the excellent, well, relatively, Jewish Media Summit 2014 ---   A morning session on Wednesday   Credit: Y.Medad   on the theme of Israeli Views of Diaspora Jewry was interesting and Yossi Klein-Halevi's remark that the new neo-Orthodox music is something to keep on eye/ear on.   Over at Haaretz, Judy Maltz reported on the visit of journalists to the Gush Eztion region, "beyond Israel...
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