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From Green Finland to Yellow Arava

Thursday Feb 27, 2014
  One of the very unique moments in my life was to experience snow in Jerusalem. I was not the only one who felt the same way. On the day I visited Barbara Goldstein, the Deputy Director of Hadassah and Board Member on KKL-JNF, Jerusalem was covered in snow, and the city was struggling in the aftermath of the heaviest snow storm for over hundred years . It was the first time I saw Jerusalem in white; the second time I was visiting the...
Sunday Feb 09, 2014
For centuries Africa was exploited by the colonialists. With its vast natural resources, wide geographic area, and its strategic significance, it attracted empires such the British and the French to set up their colonies in Africa. This left its mark on Africa, a continent which began to gain its independence in the decades following the 1950s. Israel played a significant role in the ‘nation-building’ of the newborn African states in...
Thursday Jan 02, 2014
Many parts of the Middle East are in turmoil. Israel, located right in the center of the region, has to tackle a great deal of regional challenges on its own. Scores of the Middle East's problems derive from the concept of environmental security; more specifically, from energy, water and food security, combined with land degradation and desertification, which are the key elements in past and current conflicts.   Photo: Samuel Willner...
Sunday Dec 01, 2013
 Israel is a unique place, and although surrounded by many dangers that challenge it every day, it continues to survive against all odds. As a modern country it is still young, stretching from the white snowy slopes of Mount Hermon in the north to the coral beaches of Eilat by the Red Sea. The six hundred kilometers that separate these two locations can be described with tens of thousands of words and millions of stories. The country's...
Thursday Oct 24, 2013
 Another day has come to an end; the sun is setting behind the mountains of the western Negev. Again the multiple solar power stations in the Arava Valley have produced green energy for the region. The dry desert climate is ideal for solar power generation; abundant sun, available land, innovation, and the striving for entrepreneurship have created flourishing businesses in the Arava Valley.     What brings people and businesses...
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