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The GoPicnic diet: Nixing the newlywed 15 - part 3

Have you read how the GoPicnic diet works and Days 1-7? You should. It’ll make babies smile and people will like you more.

Day 8

Breakfast: Banana, blueberries
Lunch: GoPicnic Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese
Dinner: CHEAT #2
Snacks: Apple, asparagus, carrots, V8 juice

I’ll confess. There was so no reason to turn dinner today into a cheat. I was kind of feeling sorry that I didn’t get invited to this uber fancy party I wanted to attend, so I’m going to blame it on a combination of that and some crap-tastic rainy weather—even though it was really due to the fact that someone put mini nougat-filled cookies in the pantry at work, which are as hard to resist as Cadbury Eggs. Seriously, I’m helpless around miniature versions of…well, anything. (I mean, have you ever seen baby Converse shoes?) Nougat-filled cookies are certainly no exception.

Day 9

Breakfast: Pear juice
Lunch: GoPicnic Salmon & Crackers
Dinner: GoPicnic Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese
Snacks: Dried apples, red pepper, blueberries, strawberries, carrots

There’s a farmer’s market near my office that I literally have to go out of my way to avoid. Normally, I do go out of my way. (The Amish guy who sells soaps is totally pushy!) But today I figured, what the hey. It turns out they sell pear juice and, more importantly, it turns out pear juice is delicious. Who knew? Oh. I guess the farmers.

Day 10

Breakfast: Fruit and vegetable shake
Lunch: GoPicnic Tuna & Crackers
Dinner: GoPicnic Peanut Butter & Crackers
Snacks: Sweet potato

So I don’t, like, own many kitchen appliances. Part of that is because my kitchen is small and when there are more than four people, we have to eat in shifts. But mostly it’s because I don’t really cook. Or bake. Or fry. Or sauté. Or…you know where I’m going with this. I did, however, just learn one kitchen activity at which I excel: blending. I’d been wanting a machine that would make smoothies, Jamba Juice style, with minimal effort. God spoke to me, and he said: “Vitamix.” Okay, I don’t think it was God. It was probably a dude in an infomercial. Either way, I sucked up the $500 price tag and found that I am ridiculously talented at tossing fruits and vegetables into a blender, dropping in a scoop of protein powder, putting on the lid, and turning that bad boy on. (Definitely adding that to the skills section of my résumé.) And somehow, what comes out is silky and delicious.

Day 11

Breakfast: Fruit and vegetable shake
Lunch: GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers
Dinner: CHEAT #3
Snacks: Apple

Okay, this cheat I can absolutely justify. There’s this event called The Great Saunter at which thousands of people from NYC and around the world (not sure how many are really from around the world, but I met one girl from Italy so feel compelled to represent her) walk the 32-mile perimeter of the island. And you know who participated? This guy. The GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers kept me full and happy throughout the entire walk—nine hours!—but I felt like it would have been a waste not to take advantage of my raring metabolism and eat a big, carb-filled dinner. And I’m not one to waste. Check out my rockin’ certificate in the below picture. For 32 miles, I was expecting it to have a bit more flair, but I was too tired to demand gold specks and glitter. (I do, however, have a strongly worded complaint letter in the works. I’m kidding. But I should.)

Day 12

Breakfast: Fruit and vegetable shake
Lunch: GoPicnic Steak Nuggets & Cheese
Dinner: GoPicnic Tuna & Crackers
Snacks: Orange, sweet potato

Mother’s Day! Ain’t no better way to celebrate than taking my adorable mom to see The Normal Heart with Jim Parsons. I totally had my GoPicnic box on hand for this photo op but, in the presence of one Sheldon Cooper, completely forgot to hold it up. Bazinga!

Day 13

Breakfast: Fruit and vegetable shake
Lunch: GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers
Dinner: GoPicnic Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese
Snacks: Blueberries

Sore. So sore. Belated soreness. Strangely, not too hungry today. I actually had to make myself eat dinner, which has never before, in the existence of time, been an issue. Fortunately, I survived.

Day 14

Breakfast: Fruit and vegetable shake
Lunch: GoPicnic Salami & Cheese
Dinner: GoPicnic Salmon & Crackers
Snacks: Sweet potato

This whole portion control thing? Kind of starting to see how that works. I definitely find that I’m eating slower because I know there’s not an entire bag / box / carton to keep digging in when I run out of what’s on my plate. And the payoff? Still losing weight! I'm off to Ireland next week so please send good vibes that the Guinness brewery doesn't eat me whole. (Er, maybe send those vibes on the second day of my trip.)

Lost this week: 1.6
Lost total: 5.8
Amount until goal: 10.8

*I am not affiliated with GoPicnic in any way and have not been compensated for undertaking this diet.

What do you think? Does it seem like a realistic diet? Anyone want to jump on this—or any other healthy eating plan—with me (just check in with your doctor first, please!)? Power in numbers! Post your results in the comments section and let’s all stay inspired.

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