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Monday Aug 04, 2014
    “Meet your spouse at Hillel House” – was the chant of student leaders at the St. Louis Hillel, according to the late Rabbi James Diamond, the respected executive director of Hillel at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) from 1972 until 1995.  Rabbi Diamond wrote:  “I always regarded matchmaking among the items on Hillel’s hidden agenda.  What better way to promote the Jewish...
Monday Jul 07, 2014
    Josh noticed her at a seminar in Jerusalem – not for himself; but for his friend, Brett.  In fact, Chicago-born Brett Baron hadn’t come to meet girls. He came because of a poster that he and Josh saw at the yeshiva where they were studying.  The program intrigued him - a spiritual experience, known as The Elevation Seminar.   Laurie Hoffinger had worked a long time on that poster – on its...
Sunday Jun 01, 2014
      They had just returned from co-leading a Birthright trip to Israel. They had not yet started to date, when Yonatan turned to Ellie and said: “We have all summer to fall in love.”    Ellie Schneiderman remembers how her boss, Stuart, told her about the trip. He said: “I have some news for you. A part of it you’ll love – we want you to lead a Birthright trip; and a part, ...
Tuesday May 06, 2014
  Photo: courtesy   “No one would have thought to fix us up,” says Sharone.  “He was too standard and I was too strange.”   Sharone Chernyak and Jonathan Bloom were juniors at Yeshiva University at the same time, and yet their paths had never crossed.  That is, until 2012, the summer before graduation, when they were 22. Both had been accepted into the CLIP Leadership Internship Program (...
Sunday Apr 06, 2014
  He’s from Missouri and she’s from Florida.  They met in Ra’anana, Israel.  In the spring of 2011, Andrea “Andy” Surasky, then 20, was living in Ra’anana with her family who had come to live in Israel after Andy graduated high school. Jason Ast, then 23, was living in another Israeli town, but would come to Ra’anana to visit his friend, Simcha.    It was Simcha who brought Andy...
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